Potatoes under rotisserie?

acertainSeptember 21, 2012

We just finished our kitchen (big sigh), so now it's time to play. This weekend, I'm planning to experiment with the rotisserie on my Capital Culinarian. One idea I had was to put a jelly-roll pan at the bottom of the oven with some cubed potatoes while I roasted a stuffed pork loin. Any thoughts on such a plan? Will there be enough heat down there to roast the potatoes? Anybody tried something similar?



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I have an ILVE range and they have a series of how to videos on one of them describes what your looking to do.

Have fun..

Here is a link that might be useful: cooking with an ILVE range using the rotisserie

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I have a CC and I haven't tried that yet, but I think it's worth a shot. With the broiler, I don't think the bottom is hot enough to get much browning on the potatoes. The ILVE video that Mary linked kind of shows that. If the potatoes need more color, you could broil the potatoes while the pork is resting. You should end up with some fantastic eats.

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For posterity, I tried this and it was mostly a success. The potatoes not in the shadow of the chicken browned a lot. The ones in the middle not so much; however, after I removed the chicken I turned off the broiler but left the potatoes in there, and the ones in the middle got a little browner.

Though the potatoes browned, they didn't crisp. There was so much liquid that came off the chicken that it inhibited crisping. They still tasted good, but the weren't crispy, even where browned.

Overall, still worth it for an easy side dish.


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I have narrowed my serach down for a new range. I am considering either the 40" Ilve or the 36" CC range. Does anyone have an opinion on either range. I am struggling with these 2. I love the rotisserie option on both. Love Ilve temp range 75-500.

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