Is it necessary to put gas dryer 18" above floor in garage?

janesylviaSeptember 15, 2013

My current house has a laundry room. We are moving very soon. The newly bought house has laundry connections in the garage. The Kenmore Elite installation instruction says "Place dryer at least 18" above the floor for a garage installation". I don't know if it is necessary. If it is, I have to order Kenmore pedestals for my washer and dryer.

Thank you very much.

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I don't know the local code in your area, but many places require gas appliances to be elevated in a garage. The reason is that if someone is working with a flammable liquid like mineral spirits or lacquer thinner, or even gasoline, they are likely to do it in a garage, and if it spills, it will go across the floor. If the fumes contact an open flame - like a gas fired water heater or dryer, you can easily have an explosion or start a fire . By raising the appliance, hopefully the fumes will be dissolved in the air by the time they reach the height of the flame, and will not start a fire. BTW, I made a plywood base for my washer and dryer - I like having them at a elevated height, makes it much easier to use.

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All manufacturer's installation requirements are incorporated into your local building code in addition to their local requirements. The stricter rule is the one that must be complied with if your local codes are more lax or more stringent.

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Future MIL in VA, installed an extra electric W & D in her detached garage. The building inspector made her raise it off the garage floor. Not sure of height. But, I agree that you may have to do so to meet the building code. Check with your locality.

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Thank you very much for all your help, and thank Barryv for sharing your experience. I found amazon sells plywood pedestal but only 14" high. Where can I check building code?

Really appreciate your help.

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Call your local county/city administration office and they will have an inspection office they can connect you to. I should also mention future MIL built a platform as well instead of buying a pedestal. Those pedestals are expensive! HTH :)

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Just call your local towns building permit office and someone there will explain what you need.

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Sreedesq and Jakvis, thank you very much for your help.

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One other thing to check is the height - width of your favorite detergent. Like is much easier if the platform is high enough that you can store your extra laundry detergent under your dryer. Since most dryers are front load, not top load, going a few inches higher than code is not a problem, actually makes it easier to get clothes in and out, so if you are getting a platform, I would make it high enough to store things under it.

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