Need advise!!! 30" Gas stove top & hood

kailaemikoSeptember 24, 2012

I've been shopping around for a quality stove top... Also read all the forum about gas stove top... I've narrow it down to Thermador, Dacor, Capital and Bluestar. Do you guys have any feedback? I love to cook, but use one burner at a time..2 at the most... I'm Asian so I fried a lot and use garlic all the time for stir fry ;)

Also looking for a good hood! Any suggestion

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Do you have a preference on open-burners vs. closed?
I would need open, which would leave only Bluestar as my only option (of those 4 listed).

Have you been to any stores to physically touch any of those brands?
I haven't touch Dacor nor Capital.
For me, Bluestar feels more like a work-horse, like my big Weber grill so I don't have to baby it. The Thermador feels "pretty" so I would have to take care of it (higher maintenance).

I feel like the Bluestar is an outlier, compared to the other 3.
I'm biased. I would get the Bluestar over the other 3.

No help w/ hood; I'm still dealing w/ that right now.
I'm also Asian and garlic/oil, fish, etc a lot, so I am looking for high CFM.
Dealing w/ my copper hood shell issue; but also torn between affordable Proline (w/ not great customer service) vs. a name brand one for more $$$.

good luck.
(note: I bought a 36" Miele induction cooktop, after all the research on gas rangetops.)

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Kailaemiko - if you are doing wok cooking, perhaps the videos I am linking will help in your decision. One video is by Stooxie, a Gardenweb member, and the other is from Bluestar.

As to a hood, I had given you some options in your other thread, but you will need to check the diameter of your exhaust duct. If you decide on a Bluestar, it has a lot of btu's (see the videos), and you will need a more powerful hood. If your exhaust duct is small, for example if it is 6" diameter or smaller, you will run into problems with pairing a more powerful hood and a small duct.

Stooxie's video -Wok cooking on a Bluestar

Bluestar Video about Wok Cooking (Part 1)

Bluestar Video about Wok Cooking (Part 2)

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