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cheryl217June 1, 2011

My daughter has been writing a book for a year or so. She wants to use my laptop and I told her she could. The problem is the darn thing freezes anytime it feels like it so my question there an online site where she could write that saves as she goes along incase the computer freezes. Once she is finished writing for the day she will probably put the work on a flash drive so it doesn't have to stay on the site forever.

I hope I've explained this all ok, and thanks!!

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Does your computer have MS Word installed? If so by default it saves every 10 minutes, and that can be altered to suit your needs so only a very few words would be lost if the freeze happened.

How old is the laptop? Perhaps you need to buy a can of compressed air and blow out any dust build up in the ventilation holes to allow more air to pass. Perhaps you already know but the computer should be on a hard surface, not on a thick piled tablecloth or lap.

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There's lots of options but for something like a book that's she's invested so much time into creating, I'd be looking at multiple back-up schemes. Certainly a thumb drive and an online solution like Dropbox. Heck, I'd probably be printing copies too.

If she wants to create/edit the document online, there's Google Docs.

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I agree with Mike, Google Docs is good and you can save it there. You can then store a copy in Dropbox. Both can be accessed from any computer.

Go to Google and at the top of the Google page you will see Gmail - Calender - Documents. Click on Documents and begin typing. You can then save it and work on it from anywhere.

Very handy!

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Thank you everyone. I will pass on the info.

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