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kberrie1October 2, 2012

Here is my layout of our Master Bath (new construction so all is changeable but framing starts this week.)

What size bath (6 foot or 6 1/2 foot) drop-in, would fit in 70 inches of space? Also, would you do a 36 or 42 depth? Just wondering how to maximize tub space considering the depth of the closet and shower (which are also variable at this point).


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Can you reach to the back of a 3'2" closet?

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LOL, no but what are my options?

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Do you mean 36" or 42" width (rather than depth)? Where is the faucet (on the window side or on an end against the shower or closet wall)? As long as the faucet is on an end and you won't have to reach over the whole tub to turn on the faucet, I would personally probably opt for 42" if I had a massive water heater. I think 36" is plenty, but why not go for 42 if you have the choice?

I have a 32" wide x 66" (5.5') long x 20" deep tub and the width is plenty. 72" length would be better, but 66" is sufficient for myself (5'6") or my significant other (6'3").

70" is 5'10", so neither a 6' (72") nor a 6.5' (78") tub would fit. Seems like you could fit a 66" (5.5') drop in tub without issue.

What about a linen cabinet instead of a closet? You could do drawers underneath with a countertop and then a hutch-style cabinet up top with doors. Alternatively the base could be pull out hamper baskets.

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Ooops I totally meant 5 or 5 1/2 foot! I'm thinking 60/66 and getting myself confused!

Thanks for the input!

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Do you think a cabinet instead of a closet would look funny? I can't visualize the tub without a wall on that left side.

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"What size bath (6 foot or 6 1/2 foot) drop-in, would fit in 70 inches of space?"

Neither of them, because 6 feet is 72 inches. You are eith 2 or 8 inches over the limit.

Get the tub you want, frame in the end with a stub wall and make a linen cabinet to fit the space left over. Pull outs will make the relatively deep cabinet accessible.

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For me, the question would be do I want a nice big tub for soaking in or will I seldom use it?
Personally, I would get rid of the closet altogether and put in a comfortable tub. A freestanding tub would work if you don't want to deal with built-in.

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If you are a big tub user, I would delete the current closet and install an 15" or 18" wide cabinetry linen tower instead. That would give you plenty of space for linens, toiletries, & bathroom supplies to be stored and you would gain another 18" which would allow for a 6' - 6'6" long tub with room left over for a tub deck on either end. Design-wise, I'd likely make the linen tower depth 24" and cut the corner on the tub deck on that end to ease the transition from the tower to the tub.

Another thought is to eliminate the closet entry from the bathroom and move it to the short wall of the closet (just down from the bathroom entry. This would allow you to have a double vanity with linen towers on either end, or a single linen tower dividing the 2 sinks or on just 1 end of the vanity. Any way you do it, it would eliminate the need for the closet on the tub side of the bath allowing for a longer tub.

Last thought of the evening--delete the closet, move the shower into the closet's space and slide the tub down. Run the wall next to the toilet all the way to the opposite wall and make a toilet room for privacy. You can line the door up with the window and keep the door open when the room is not in use to allow a nice focal point when entering the bathroom and to allow additional natural light into the space. You can use the space at the end of the toilet room from 2 directions for additional storage accessed from the toilet room and from the tub side of the wall. Just a thought.

42" any day of the week on width if you have the space.

Hope this helps!

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I don't know how you intend to lay out the closet, but i'd be inclined to move the wall that separates it from the bathroom about 6" inward, shrinking the closet but expanding the bathroom, where I think the space is more valuable, especially if you opt for a 42"w or drop-in tile deck tub which will squeeze the corridor. If you keep the current layout, might as well expand the width of the closet by 4", and use a 5-1/2' alcove tub, 36" to 42"w.

I like the toilet room too, the only issue being you lose the outdoor light when the door is closed. Me, it's worth it for the privacy i'd want to make a two-person bathroom functional. You could have the linen closet be at the other end from the toilet across the doorway - not optimal, but it works - and move the shower to where the linen closet is now.

I'm curious why the door to the closet splits the sinks, rather than putting it, say, to the left of both sinks, near the toilet. As it is now, the sink to the left is smallish, and whoever's using the sink to the right will get hit by the door when it's opened or be in the way of the person walking in if you don't stand right up against the sink. Or move the door to the right of both sinks, and have it open into that little nook. The space lost there will be made up elsewhere in the closet, where the door is now. Or this door could open into the bathroom to preserve the closet niche (check if building code allows that). Anyway, a long double sink will make both sinks feel roomier, because the countertop space between them is joined instead of split up - it looks like you could have a uninterupted vanity top nearly two feet long there.

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> might as well expand the width of the closet by 4"

the linen closet that is, not the big closet

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Thanks everyone Another question. Would you put a toilet in a 32" space?

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I'm fine with it, but check code where you live to make sure they don't require 36" or something, especially if it needs to be inspected after the work is done.

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How many inches do you need for the deck on the short side of a drop-in tub?

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Sophie Wheeler

36" is the minimum you need for a toilet, and more room feels less like you are in a public restroom stall. I'd skip the closet entirely and just make the shower longer by adding a bench and also doing a more generous deck for the tub. A large soaking tub always feels a little cramped if all it has is a 1" deck. You want enough room to sit candles and towels around the edge.

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