30" all gas GE monogram vs. Thermador

lovetogarden_oakSeptember 21, 2012

Hi, GW-ers!

After lurking for weeks on GW and spending lots of time visiting local appliance stores, we have narrowed down our 30" all gas range choices to:

-GE monogram ZGP30NRSS

-Thermador PRG304GH

We looked at Blue Star and realized we are not the kinds of cook that will benefit from that. Mostly, DH seared and sauteed. I simmer and broil. We occasionally bake (mostly our teenage daughter :)

We are torn between the look of monogram (which we like better) and the star burner (which we hope means better heating or cooking performance). We are concerned that the Thermador XLO feature will be a liability (need service calls) down the road.

We would love to hear from GW-ers who have had first hand experiences with either GE monogram or Thermador gas ranges.

What do you like about your range and what do you not like?

What is your experience with the customer service?


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Not sure what Blue Star has that you would "benefit from" that the others don't, other than it cost less.
You are looking at around $4200-$5000 for a stove you would be better off in that price range to get a Capital Culinarian.

Or since you don't cook that much then why spend $5000 on a stove, you could get a 30' NXR that will do just as well for $2000 or less.

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Thanks, nunyabiz1, for your comment. I need to clarify my post more: we cook a lot, 6 out of 7 days, 2.5 meals a day on average (making smoothie doesn't count as cooking lol)

We have lived with our trusty all gas Caloric for 15 years. Never had a pro stove and this is an opportunity for us to experience a sexy stove. NXR, while quite nice looking, doesn't have the continuous grate that we want.

There are other brands we looked at already that we ruled out, including DCS, Dacor, Wolf and Viking. Not because they are not sexy enough but either the knobs don't work (Sorry, DH don't like the red knobs of Wolf) or the service issues is more than we like it to be. We have visited many appliance stores and from what we heard, besides Wolf, T-dor and GE monogram have the least service issues. So, that's how we arrived at those two choices.

Blue star has the high btu (22K)burners compared to the Ge monogram or Thermador (18K). Ease of cleaning actually meets our cooking needs better than the high BTU offered by Blue Star or CC. That's what I meant we won't benefit from it. We took a look at the open burner configuration of blue star, and DH who does the stove cleaning thinks that it will be a PITA to clean any spills even with the catch tray.

Sorry if we offend all you open-burner lovers. But, to each his own, right? We cook, and we like cooking, but we are not into cooking. I hope it makes sense. Cooking is something we do as a bonding experience, and feed ourselves simple nutritious food. But, we don't need nor dream of producing restaurant quality dishes.

Therefore the pro-look (sans the real pro performance of Blue star or Capital Culinary) of GE monogram and Thermador is an upgrade without the pain for us.

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We decided on GE monogram over Thermador. That decision is mostly emotional, meaning my husband and I found GE monogram just spoke to us more. Of course, there were other factors that helped us lean towards the GE monogram, such as:

(1) We got it for under $4400. We shopped around and also sent out quote requests to our local appliance dealers listing our appliance needs.
(2) GE monogram comes with the island trim standard (unlike Thermador), so we save $350 there
(3) GE monogram offers $1000 instant rebate if we get the DW. Since we are not keen with the euro-sized Thermador/Bosch DW, that rebate works for us. Of course, kitchen aid has better DW, but after we did the math, the GE monogram DW comes to about $500 after the instant rebate. So, we thought what the heck. It works. All we need is something that has a delay function and relatively quiet. It will be an upgrade compared to our current DW.
(4) My husband likes the timer :)

We haven't installed the stove yet, so we can't tell you how it works. But, we have a feeling we will love it.

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We just got a HUGE deal on a 30" GE Monogram Dual Fuel range. Floor model, under $2,500, had gone out to be installed, and was returned. Full warranty. We had also been looking at Thermador because of the rebates (though GE is also offering some good ones) and because we think the burners will cook better. Might have looked at the Wolf D3 series, but just never wanted to go down that rabbit hole.

We think at this price, we could do no better. Looking now at GE Mono Advantium 240 or the Elux Icon speed oven.

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