Fisher & Paykel DD603I

SilversilveradoSeptember 23, 2013

Have an F1 code. There was water under top and bottom drawers. I cleaned the filters and the drain hoses, but still flooding. Seems to be draining OK. please help. Not sure where water is coming from.
How can I check the lid closure?

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Water leaking out of the top drawer can collect under both the top and bottom drawers, until enough spills to the bottom to trigger the flood sensor.

Could be --

1) A split or cracked drain hose coming off the pump -- matter of locating the problem and replacing the bad hose.

2) A broken link support for the fill/drain hose assembly, which can get caught under the lid and prevent it from sealing -- there's a retrofit kit that replaces the plastic link support with a metal rod.

3) A broken yoke on the lid which prevents it from sealing fully - the lid motors and yoke assemblies have been improved from the original DD603 design, separate repair kits are available for the upper and lower drawers.

4) A bad lid motor which prevents one side of the lid from sealing -- see point 3 above.

5) A torn or nicked gasket on the lid.

Remove the drawers to examine the lids, gaskets, lid yokes & motors, link support & hoses. The lid motors can be operated via Diagnostic Mode to confirm both motors are working, each drawer separately.

Diagnostic Mode to test run the lid --
1) Open the selected drawer, release the rail latches* and pull the drawer forward enough to see into the cabinet to observe the lid operation.
2) Turn OFF the drawer power if it's on. With power off, press and hold the Keylock button, then press and hold Power at the same time for 5 seconds. All indicators are lit (including the cycle selections) except Keylock.
3) Press Power *once*. Heavy, Normal, Fast, Delicate, & Rinse indicators lid (not Eco).
4) Press Start/Pause button *three* times. Delicate & Rinse indicators lit.
5) Press Keylock to run the lid motors. The motors will run for 10 seconds each time, alternately lowering and raising the lid. Observe that both motors (inside the cabinet at the left and right side alongside the selected drawer) run fully down/up accordingly.
6) Be sure to leave the lid raised so the drawer can be set back into place.
7) Press Power to exit Diagnostics.

* If you don't know how to release the drawer rail latches, see this picture. Press the tab at each side behind the front panel, slide the rail back a little to clear the latch. Lift up a little on the drawer to take the weight off the rail so it slides easier. The drawer can then be pulled further out, and lifted up off the rails to remove if needed. When setting everything back into place be sure the rail is pulled forward and securely latched at each side. Also, there's a flip-latch at back of the cabinet behind each rail ... if the drawer won't fully close after removal/replacement, the latch may be flipped back (closed) instead of forward (open). Do not twist or remove the circular tab above the latch, it's a pin to anchor the front panel, not for removing the drawer.

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Thanks, I'll try that. very nice explanation.

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Ooops ... error on the Diagnostic procedure.

To activate Diagnostic Mode ... press/hold Keylock, then press START at the same time (not Power).

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