Some pix are on my C drive, and some are on my H drive...why?

seaswirlJune 23, 2013

Why are some of my pictures on my C drive and some on my H drive? Should I consolidate them on one of the drives?

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Did you create a separate partition H:\ on your C drive? Is anything else on this H drive? Is H your CD\DVD drive or is it a thumb drive? Is H a second hard drive?

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It probably means you weren't looking closely enough when you saved them and didn't notice what drive you were in. If you want them in only one place, move them from the drive where you don't want them to the one you do. Then, in the future, look closely at what drive and directory you are in when you want to save more.

And, in any case, I hope you are backing them up to a second location so that you don''t lose them when your hard drive fails....

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