Computer wouldn't boot up..

jean_mi_z5June 3, 2011

Dell Inspiron

Vista OS

When my husband sat down to his computer, which was on and in sleep mode, he clicked his mouse button to wake it up and it started to wake up and went back off. A black screen came on with this message:

No boot device available, Press ENTER to retry

SATA-0: Installed

SATA-1: Installed

SATA-4: None

SATA-5: None

I pressed ENTER and the same screen came up.

I used the power button to shut it down and let it sit for about 5 minutes while I looked for paper work on for the computer. I told him to try to boot up again and it booted fine.

I thought I would post this message to see what the problem might be and help someone else if this ever happened to them.



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Make sure it doesnt have a cd/dvd media in the draws or a usb drive plugged in..

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Vista has diagnostic capabilities so you might try running the repair feature. Below is a graphical tutorial on how to run the onboard repair program.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vista repair tutorial

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jean_mi_z5 CD/DVD or flash drive plugged in.

owbist..thanks for the link..will look it over.
Haven't tried to boot it yet this morning....


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