Change the lock on our door when contractor is done w/ the job?

toobie-ornotAugust 7, 2014

We hired a general contractor to build a new addition. After the entrance door was installed with the deadbolt lock, either someone in my family may have allowed the contractor to take a key with him or he may have taken the key. He's had this key for several months. I would have preferred using a lock box on the doorknob. And we're not sure if he made a copy and gave a key to other subcontractors.

The project is way behind schedule now, and we're having issues with that contractor. He doesn't work on the addition every week any more. He shows up out of the blue and lets himself into the addition.

So is it normal for a contractor to have a key to an addition when he isn't working on the site on a regular schedule any more? Should we have the lock changed when he's done with the job?

Thank you.

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If it were me, I'd change the locks now and inform the contractor that he/she would need to contact me for access. Especially on an addition.

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What JDez said.

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Agree with jeez and pixie.

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Should be standard operating procedure, but definitely change them and notify the contractor about needing to contact you for access as well.

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