Height of base of rain shower?

lori_inthenw_gwOctober 7, 2013

Any guidelines? Tallest user is 6'2" and ceiling height is 9 ft, fixture is Hansgrohe. (And my next question will be about the height of the glass panel! So throw that in if you have an opinion, too.)

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From what I have read you want a minimum of 12" from the height of the tallest person and the bottom of the rain-showerhead.

As for glass panel height, from what I was told the average is between 72" and 76" but that may have been because we have 8' ceilings. We ended up going with 78" because we wanted it to come to the height of our doorframe for visual purposes. You just want the panel height taller than the tallest person, and tall enough that water spray does not go over the top.

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Thanks firsthome, that would put the bottom of the shower head at 7'2" with 1 ft 10" from there to the ceiling. I'll draw it up to see how the proportions look, but just wanted to know what the guidelines were as a starting place.

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So I went looking for guidelines, ended up at the NKBA site, and found they have a place to ask questions. The questions are referred to professional designers and I got a reply a couple of hours later (!) Here it is in case someone else finds this useful:

"Typically the rain shower head is located at about 84â off of the shower floor. Since the tallest person using the shower is 6âÂÂ2â that height should be fine. That will allow the tallest person to stretch and reach while washing their hair without hitting the rain shower head.

If you extend the surround to the ceiling you can trap steam in the shower. A surround the height of the bottom of the rain head, 84âÂÂ, should be fine."

Here is a link that might be useful: link to

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Lori, that is how I am planning my shower. I will have a rainshower from Hansgrohe installed at 7', and the shower door at 7'. I have 8' ceilings. I will also have a handheld in the shower. My son is 6'4", I guess he will just have to be careful, or stand elsewhere and use the wall mounted handheld.

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