OMG! Printer is fixed

carolssisJune 30, 2011

First off, I want to thank all you folks who have been so helpful. Owbist, Bob414, pkponder, damccoy, Mike Kaiser, cat_ky, thanks so much for your time, and expertise. It has been really helpful, and I learned so much from all of you. Having been working non-stop with the reinstall and printer problems, I was getting pretty frustrated. Typed "scanner failure" into my search and got a forum, first dated 2003 where someone posted a mechanical fix that has solved my problem. It was a light shield inside the top of the printer, and cleaning the mirrors. Everything is working great, and I thank you all again, for your time and good hearts to help all of us, especially me. God Bless

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Ah, a happy ending. Fantastic, glad it is all sorted out now.

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Good for you. As always you are welcome. Thanks for coming back with the fix report. You just never know when a concern like this will pop up again.


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