bluestar RNB 30" oven temp range?

gigelus2k13September 17, 2013


I read tens of threads regarding the BS oven, but have not seen this question asked:

What are the actual minimum and maximum oven temperatures that the oven can regulate?

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There actually was a thread at one point about minimum temp. After a quick search I could not find it, but a former gw member verified with a thermometer that he was getting below the minimum marked on the knob.

I can tell you that I have my thermostat adjusted to be close to 500 degrees when the knob is set there. Not sure if it would go much above that before it kicks into broiler mode, however I have never checked.

As for minimum, I often use my small oven as a warming drawer and although I haven't put a thermometer in there but i turn the knob just till the indicator light comes on and I can take the plates out of the oven without a mitt.

If I find some time soon, I will try to give you some real numbers if you are still interested.

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Hi tyguy,

Thank you for replying. I was hoping that someone who likes his/her bluestar would chime in...

If possible, yes, real numbers would be very much appreciated.

For the lowest temperature, I need 200*F or below (drying bread for breadcrumbs and especially merengues). From what you're saying, it looks like you're getting something in the range of 130*F or lower; is the oven really regulating that temperature?

For the highest setting, 500*F is a little low for thin-crust pizza or artisan bread, but this is more a matter of convenience for when it rains and I can't fire up the backyard brick oven.

When you say that you had your thermostat set to 500*F, does this mean that the user can tweak the value?

With an all-mechanical range, I think that the numbers on the knob do not necessarily have to match the actual temperature, as I can use an oven thermometer; all the oven has to do is to heat evenly and have as little hysteresis as possible. This is what makes me think that the only other choice I have (the 30" CC) is not so great...

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Ya I would guess that 130 is about right.

As for the high end, yes the thermostat is very easily adjustable and I would bet you that 550 is attainable if you are willing to live with the temps shown on the knob to be off by about 50 degree across the entire spectrum. I'm also not sure if that will produce a negative effect on the very low end of the scale for what you want to acheive. I'd also keep in mind that the oven wasnt built for 550 so not sure if that would cause any issues, but doubt 50 degree would.

I get nice results from both my large and small ovens with even heating.

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Tyguy, how do you adjust the oven thermostat? I didn't see a screw inside the knob on mine ( which is one conventional way it is adjusted) When I tested mine with a contact ( not IR ) thermometer, I could not get it to go over 500, In fact, IIRC, it topped out around 485. I find the non IR thermometer is a little more accurate, since the IR depends on emissivity.

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Pull the knob off, there is a tiny slotted screw deep in the middle of the shaft. Turn in very small increments, a 1/16" can be 25 degrees!

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ctycdm, thanks. I had tried a thin screwdriver before, but it did not engage in a screw. After getting your post, I checked it again with a magnifying glass - there is a white caulk like material in the middle, probably to keep the screw from moving, I will pry that out and try to adjust it over the weekend.

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If you use a very thin jewelers type screwdriver, you can poke it right through the packing material. (Counter clockwise to increase oven temp, clockwise to decrease.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Oven thermostat adjustment

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Thanks to ctycdm and tyguy, I have now adjusted my thermostat so that it is spot on. It 500 degrees, the low is 484 and the high is 515. I did try to see how high it would go with the dial halfway between 500 ( the highest mark on the dial ) and broil . The range went from a low of 512 to a high of 549. All temps were measured with a temperature probe at the center of the oven. I will check low temp later, since it takes a while to cool down.

For pizza, you could probably adjust the thermostat a little higher if you wanted - some have success with a steel plate and baking around 525.

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gigelus2k13 after I adjusted so the thermostat was right on at 500, the lowest temp I could maintain was around 200 - that was even with the knob turned below 150. My guess is that before the adjustment, it would be in the 150 to 160 range. Again, I am measuring with a temperature probe, not an IR.

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Thank you for the data. It's strange that the "professional-grade" thermostat can't accommodate the 350*F span (500-150) etched on the oven knob. Or maybe the knob itself has the marks too far apart for the thermostat used.

Anyway, as long as it's baking evenly, a range of 150*F to a little above 500*F (as close to the broil switch as possible) is acceptable.

Thanks again.

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I finally had time to find the minimum temp but havent had time to check max yet.

Minimum temp in both the small oven and the large one is very low. I got readings of aproximately 110-120. Its hard to say the exact temp as my thermometer is not digital and it is pretty dirty with grease splatter but it was in the range of 110-120. I left the thermometer in the range for about an hour in each of the ovens and I could very easily handle the metal casing without any kind of issues at all so I think that helps confirm its 110-120 temp.

With my small oven the range kicks on almost immediately after I turn the knob. With tbe larger oven there is more travel in the knob before the oven kicks on so I thought the large oven may end up running at a hotter min temp, but it seemed the numbers proved me wrong and its min temp was similarily low.

Hope this helps. I will still try max temps when I get a chsnce.

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