Do you love or hate your microwave/convection oven?

speckledcatSeptember 12, 2012

I have no experience with the combination microwave/convection oven, so please help me. I would like to use one of these instead of putting in double ovens because my kitchen is small.

How well do they work?

Anything special I need to know?

What brand/model do you have?

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Look into getting a speed oven (e.g., Advantium, Miele speed oven, etc.) instead of a combination microwave/convection oven. The difference (besides cost) is that a speed oven can do both types of heating simultaneously, or either type on its own, as needed. Its more flexible, and generally people like speed ovens better then the micro/convection ovens.

There are several threads here about this.

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I loved my Sharp. The GE, not so much (its not well made).

In the oven mode, there is a fan to circulate hot air. The upper temp is 450F. It preheats fairly quickly since the volume is small. Pretty much anything I could bake in an oven I could do in the microwave.

The Sharp does do microwave and convection at the same time, but it is limited to two combinations of heat and microwave power.

The difference is that a convection microwave does not have a broiling element. This means it does not crisp well.

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Weedmeister, can you link the Sharp that you are talking about? I have been looking into the advantium but I have to have a 120V, which gets much worse reviews than the higher voltage.

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I have a 120v Panasonic. It takes a long time to pre-heat, but is otherwise okay. Mostly it gets used as a microwave. I only use the micro/convection for heating frozen things like lasagna. At T'giving it is my second oven for which it does an adequate job. The new kitchen will be larger and I'm planning on a speed oven.

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Here you go.

Here is a link that might be useful: R930AW

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Correction: mine's a Whirlpool.

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Thank you for your suggestions. Sorry to be so slow getting back--internet problems :(

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The Miele Power Oven has microwave and convection bake and convection broil. You can also simultaneously convection bake or broil w/ microwave. It has a wonderful cooking program for any setting and for specific foods you want to cook. I think it has to be placed in the wall.

I recall that sharp had a nice one that doesn't need to be
in the wall and has a steam function as well. It can be placed on the counter top.

Many people like their Electrolux Power Oven and it has a
crisping function that's almost like grilling. I'm not sure if it needs to be placed in the wall

The GE Avantium appears to be highly thought of and allows
simultaneous convection bake and microwave though I'm not sure about broil. Some of these are made to go above the cooktop or range and has a vent feature so you don't need a vent hood (? I think). It may offer a counter top model and it does have two different power versions ... with different electrical wiring needs.

If you search the Appliances Forum you can get more info on
any of these. It's nice if you can actually cook with it w/out purchasing first. Some showrooms allow this.

Good luck!

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MaryOne, thank you for the specific information; it's very helpful.

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To clarify, the GE microwave I have is not the Advantium.

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