Master bathroom remodel is finished! Very happy.

ceezeeczOctober 18, 2013

Master bath remodel completed! Took out walls, enlarged shower, moved air vents out of the bathroom to totally open up the space, new vanity, sinks etc. Great craftsmanship by the contractors. Couldn't be more pleased. Took one week longer than the estimate mainly due to the 7 inspections (!) required by my township.

Walls now totally gone. Plus a great pocket door.

This shows how carefully the tiles were laid so the vanity is equally placed in each square.

Here is a link that might be useful: My original post

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It's fantastic! I can't decide what i like best as it's all so nice, especially the vanity and the floor tile. Congratulations!

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Thank you. It did all start with picking the vanity. It's a Bertch.

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Beautiful! I love the vanity and granite. They go great together. We also did rectangular sinks and they give me a thrill every time I use them. And we have the same shower door. It is great quality and has been a pleasure to use. I think your going to really love living with your new bathroom.

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It looks great!

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I got the heaviest doors kohler makes. And they are heavy!

Now I need to figure out what to put on the window. Some kind of cordless roman shade. A material or woven .., it'll get a lot of use. Even though the bottom pane is sandblasted my husband wants to be able to close the blind/shade at night.

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delicious! Love the granite for the curb on the shower. How cleaver. Beautiful job, very peaceful and contemplative!

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Lovely! It looks so light and airy in there!

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The threshold between the bathroom and the bedroom is also made of the same the way it all ties together.

The bathroom was so dark before, light and airy is exactly what I was shooting for.

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I love your new bathroom! The cabinetry and counters are beautiful.

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This is really lovely. You are going to really enjoy that large shower. Both the granite and the cabinet are gorgeous! Mine should be done by next week!

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Wow! Lovely and so serene! Each element blends well and creates a balanced feel!

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Love your cabinetry and granite. Is it the cherry finish or something darker? And what is the granite? We're considering a MBath remodel soon and your cabinetry is similar to what I've been considering. Also the sinks - are they the Kohler sinks?

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The finish on the vanity is called Brindle. I liked its warmth. Plus it shows the grain of the wood beautifully.

The granite is an unusual lot of White Delicatus. It has yellow undertones instead of the more common pink/peach. Also more strongly grained than the other slabs of the same name that I saw. Took a lot of searching to find a granite that was both mainly white but also strongly patterned. I wanted it to feel light but vibrant and alive as well.

The colors in the granite are exactly the colors in the vanity and the wall paint.

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A bit late to the game, but...know you said the finish on your Bertch vanity was Brindle, but was wondering if the wood is cherry? Love your finished product!

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Turned out great! Now I remember your original post! How could I forget that flowered wallpaper border? LOL Have you attacked that yet?

Am encouraged to see yours finished. If I'm ever at the stage where I can post my pics (almost have all the cement board/drywalling done), you'll see that we have a lot of similarities in our BR's (though yours is much bigger!) We are also putting in a pocket door...though door maker has had to be reminded several times...each time I phone...yes..yes...Ok Ok Mamm...supposedly will be done by tomorrow...not holding my breath. We are DIYing it, and DH is off to HD right now, as he didn't have drywall screws short enough to not go through door frame... am a little bit jealous that you got to hire out your reno! :>)

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The wood of the vanity is actually birch. The finish is brindle.

Removing all the wallpaper, especially the border!, is next on our list.

This project was the first time I'd ever hired out a reno. Every other project here I did. Oh, I've had the odd electrician or plumber to help me out (mainly due to my husbands urging) but I've done everything else myself. I'm an only child and I think my dad always wanted a boy so he raised me to not be afraid of handyman work.

That said, I may just hire out the awful job of taking down the wallpaper in the master bedroom! lol

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I love your bathroom and choice of colors and materials , but what I love more is the workmanship . I can see that the floor and walls tiles are laid in a perfect way . The grout lines are all equal and straight . I congratulate your tile man . Lucky you to have found somebody who did an awesome job . Enjoy your new bathroom

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your remodel...everything about it is perfect!

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I'm way late to the finished party but the bathroom looks amazing! Your choices are all fabulous. Very bright, warm and inviting. (Are bathrooms supposed to be inviting?) LOL

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Thanks! We're still in love with it and I can't think of a thing I would change. It is a joy.

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Love your bathroom. I remember the original thread but must have missed this one. Question: how are you liking your bypass door to the shower? I am thinking of on similar to yours. I haven't got the tile done yet though. I have a cast iron pan and can't put any screws in the base. Can you tell me a bit about how you like the function, cleaning, ease of use, etc, with your door setup? Thanks.

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It's a beautiful bathroom! How do you like your sconces? Do you have any other lights? How much wattage? Is it bright enough to put on makeup?

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It's very beautiful and serene, I think it turned out great!

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could you give the brand for your cabinetry--
and did you have white cabinet in one area and the stained vanity?
or is the white from older bathroom?

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Your bathroom really came out beautifully. I especially like the floor tile - would you mind sharing the details of the floor tile?

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