Premier vs NXR

matreyaSeptember 6, 2012

Does anybody owns Premier or NXR? Any information about likes/dislikes/brakes down/customer services, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for a free standing 30" gas range without any electronic oven controls. LOVE Professional ranges, but none comes in 30." Premier pros: an American company on the market since 1920s, very helpful manufacturer' web site, service center available in the immediate area (Philadelphia, PA), reliable distributors: Lowes/Best Buy/Gerhards appliances. Cons: small (3.9 cf) oven, burners of different size. NXR pros: bigger oven (4.2 cf), same size burners. Cons: not sure where to buy from. Costco? Manufacturer' web site is not very helpful. Unsure about service availability. Young company (3 years?).

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I know zero about the Premier.
I however have owned the NXR for the last 18 months without any issues of any kind.

I MUCH prefer having 4, 15,000BTU burners with each burner also being capable of very low simmer.
Can use 4 large pots/pans at the same time.
Oven is plenty large
Convection works nicely.
Infrared broiler works very well.
For $2000 or less nothing else comes close that I have seen and if you can buy it at Costco you have the best possible situation you can get.
No matter what happens with the service or if it turns out to be a lemon you can take it back for a full refund no questions asked for probably at least 2 years.
NOBODY is going to beat that.

I firmly believe that most every service company regardless of brand is going to be good or bad depending on who it is that picks up the phone in your area.
I have no idea how the service is in my area as I have never had to call them, but from the few reviews I have seen of which owners did need to call for service most were quite pleased with it.
It is the same service/repair company (ADCO)that both Wolf and Liebherr use so take that for what its worth.
You could probably call ADCO in your area I guess I see what they say.

Do not let the anti-China sycophants sway you one way or another as they are clueless and none of them own it.
In fact several so called "American" ranges have more parts in them actually "made" in China than does the NXR which I find rather hilarious.
Look at the reviews of actual OWNERS of both the Premier and the NXR and make your decision from that not from nonsense.

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To be fair to matreya, Let's tell the "Whole Story", Nunya, both the good and the bad, ESPECIALLY Parts availability.

We have seen several posts about trying to get parts from Duro Corporation (The parent company of NXR). Several posters have mentioned, "It a lost cause" trying to get parts from them, even the ignitors and I believe there was also a post about trying to get replacement burners and perhaps the spark module. The parts have to come from China. (A La Duro Corp)--as they don't seem to stock many of the parts, In The US or Canada, that "May fail" down the line (Some within the warrant period).

Fortunately most of these parts are "readily available" from "other sources and may even be "In Stock" at those other sources.

So, at the very least, matreya should be sure that ignitors and perhaps the spark module are readily available from a "Convenient Source.

This is not say the NXR is not a good range, and a great value,It's just letting the "OP" know, "The Rest of the Story", and head off any future problems down the line!


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The cheapest range you can get is never a good deal in the long run. Initial value saved will not be recouped by long term headaches and parts that will be no longer available.

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The rest of the story is I have only seen one or two post saying such and I believe both of them stated they found the parts are common and can be found most anywhere, are not proprietary for NXR only but common for many ranges. As you stated.

I don't see it as much of an issue.
Because you can basically say the same thing about every other range regardless of brand.

If anyone wants the most reliable stove they can find then they best start looking for a fully refurbished old 1950's O'keffee and Merritt which has no electrical anything except the clock.
Those would probably last you a lifetime without an issue.
Might have to clean the pilot valve once a decade is about it.
I had one in a place I rented for 5 years and never had a problem with it and it was 100% original from the 50's, never rebuilt, never an issue as far as I know for more than 50 years and odds are is still going strong today after another 10+ years.

There isn't a range made regardless of price today that will match that.
Spending $5000 for a range doesn't mean in anyway that it will be any better at all than a $2000 one.

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1. Where to buy from Costco? Go online to

2. I've only seen Premier 24" ranges in my area. I had one in an apartment I rented briefly about 20 years ago. It was such a basic range that there was not much to go wrong with it. Oven temps were way off, and the baking was uneven (I needed oven dial thermometers and frequent rotating of pans). The exterior of the stove and the oven door got very, very hot when I roasted a turkey. The broiler was a drawer at floor level. However, I do not know how the 24-inch experience translates to the 30 inch. Maybe you are looking at the Premier Pro version? It looks to be a bit more substantially built than the less expensive versions. I have not seen any Premiers in the stove ratings at Consumer Reports and Premier does not have enough data to show up in the CR reliability surveys. You might try searching on Amazon and to see if you can find any user reviews.

3. To my eye, the NXR is rather like what you would expect to see if Chambers, Wedgewood, etc. were still making gas stoves -- updated to replace the pilot lights with ignitors and including a larger modern oven with convection and an in-oven infra-red broiler. Very solidly built. The 30-inch NXR weighs about 305 pounds. (As I recall, the Premiers are much lighter, but I could not see weight listings when I just scanned through the Lowe's site.)

4. The NXR is also so simple that there is very little that can go wrong with it. There are no proprietary parts as far as I can see. Everything I checked on (spark ignitor module, re-ignitor, oven ignitor and safety valve, gas controls and valves) was all available at both of the appliance parts supply houses in the nearby city. See the link below where a GW participant reported on the ease of replacing a worn-out oven ignitor. The ignitor is a stock part that is also used by GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and others.

5. As best I can tell, basically anybody can fix your Premier or NXR stove if you do not want to do it yourself. That will have a neo-Luddite appeal to some and not to others.

6. Do a search here on "NXR" and you will find some lengthy discussions of the stove by people who own them. As I recall, StacyNeil was the first here to report on an NXR about four years ago. She was the one who discovered that NXR parts support is non-existent but that it does not matter when you can buy the part locally or get is shipped via companies such as Dvorsen's.

7. Both Premier and NXR have only 1 year warranties. On stoves this simple, the chances of anything failing in that first year are slim. However, every stove manufacturer ships some lemons, turkeys and dogs. About two or three years ago (I think) three people received NXR stoves with chipping or flaking in the oven enamel. So far as I could tell, none of them purchased their stoves from Costco. Two posters reported negatively here on GW and also posted their complaints in a number of other forums. Somebody also made a youtube video of his stove.

8. The great thing about buying an NXR from Costco is the no-hassle return policy. If your NXR shows up with a defect, Costco takes it back and replaces it, if you want, and refunds your money, if you don't want a replacement. (There is free shipping from Costco). Same thing if you just do not like the stove: Costco takes it back.

9. The downside to buying from Costco is that they only deliver the stove to your curb or garage. You are responsible for bringing it into the house or hauling it back to Costco if yours happens to be a lemon. You do it yourself or pay somebody to do it for you. When you search on NXR here, you will find the thread where Nunyabiz reported on all the "fun" he had maneuvering his stove into his house. In my area, if you buy a Premier stove from Lowes, they may have free delivery (depending on how far you live from the store) but will charge you to bring it into the house and install it. My understanding from a recent discussion with a Lowe's appliance salesperson (about fridges) is that Lowes has a 90-day "satisfaction guaranteed" return policy but there may be some local limitations on what they take back, how much they refund (i.e., whether there are restocking fees and the like). Best to check on this and get it in writing if this is a concern to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: if susan fixed her nxr oven ignitor u can 2 !

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Premier is not a pro style or pro grade anything. It's very very basic consumer grade, but more money than you'd pay for a basic Whirlpool with practically the same features. In a world where industrial chic is considered attractive, it's also very ugly. It doesn't rise to the level of industrial chic. Industrial cheap, maybe. It looks (and feels) like a $500 range that's missing about $200 worth of metal to make it worth $500.

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Thanks everybody for input.
I have a tough dilemma to replace old Caloric served reliably f/some 40 years . Actually, it has a second oven attached to the top of the unit. I had 2 ovens w/1 stove!!!! Cry out loud! I want basic. I need a range to be able to COOK/can/dry stuff in the oven at 140F, not to look at it or show off to guests. I want a stove to serve me, not other way around. One of the mechanics said to have no dreams finding anything close to that reliability now-days.
I called service centers of both NXR& Premier to make sure they are available in my area and also to survey repair reports. None reported having a lot of calls for both. Maybe just not many people own them?
JWVideo, especial thanks to you for details about parts!!! I think my hubby will be the mechanics! He can fix & repair unthinkable -- just give him parts!
Will buy NXR from Costco only. Premier from Gerhards appliances, maybe Lowes. Less likely Best Buy.
NXR looks more solid. Weights 320 lb. Premier -- 183. Talk about heat insulation? Parts, eyes, from China -- both!
Leaning towards NXR as of now. I wish my stove not to be near fridge -- would go for AR30-2WB-2B.... Hey hubby, ready for complete kitchen remodeling? 36" commercial!
I've got to learn to use search engine f/this forum. Placed NXR -- got out nothing.

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>>"I need a range to be able to COOK/can/dry stuff in the oven at 140F"You should not have any trouble doing any of those things on an NXR except for the 140F thing. I'm not sure if any range these days will give you an oven temp of 140F. Some of the new Samsung stoves (and an induction model that Samsung either builds for Kitchenaid or provides parts for) claim to be able to hold an oven temp of 150F. Everything else with prices in the sub-$2000 bracket would only go down to 170F. With the NXR, I will try switching on the oven light and the convection. On my previous stove, the oven light could produce about 120F in the highest part of the oven though it was more like 110F in the lower third. A fan could event hat out. (In the previous stove's oven, convection did not work unless an oven heating element was on.)

I recall Nunyabiz posted something about using the convection fan for dehydrating in the oven. Maybe he can comment about the effect of having the oven light on.

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Yes the convection works great for making sun dried tomatoes, I have made several batches this year.
Put the oven at 150 degrees with the fan on and it dehydrates nicely.
It "may" actually go a bit lower than 150 but 150 is the lowest setting, however there is a decent distance from 150 to off and the stove is still on.
But I usually dehydrate tomatoes between 150-190 depending on thickness.

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JWVideo, excellent, well thought-out, and extremely helpful responses! Sometime between now and when my extended warranty expires in less than 2 years, I'd like to have a list of the common parts and part numbers so I can quickly order them if needed.

matreya, I was in need of some action and adventure tonight, so I tried to see if my NXR could sustain 140 degrees. I set it just under 150 with the convection fan turned on to even out the heat. Here are the results.

(yes, the fan is off in this picture)

I didn't put too much effort trying to get it dead on 140, but I think it can pretty much stay that low or lower.

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Now, that is what I call a useful post!

>>"I'd like to have a list of the common parts and part numbers"When I was checking, I made my list from several sources including some of the photos you posted as well as postings by Susan/dirtybloomers and StacyNeil. I'll see what I can see when the stove gets delivered next week.

Can you tells us from whom you got the extended warranty and how much it cost?

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My extended warranty is with my American Express card. They add an additional year at no extra cost.
I used the warranty feature once for a faulty LED TV that costs more than the NXR. They covered the cost of the repair (which wasn't cheap) and now I always use it for my important purchases.

Just be sure to hold on to your original receipt, billing statement, and written warranty policy.

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Wahhh...Thanks again you guys for taking time responding and providing such thoughtful, detailed input! Gwbasic, there is a scientist in you! Experiment appreciated greatly! Not exactly sun dried tomatoes I am going to have, but convection dehydrated ones. Same goes for other veggies and also fruits. I dry them a lot. Shld be quicker w/fan.
Now,I wonder if anybody has central grill in place. How's it working for you? From pictures I don't see anything to hold it in place. I'd venture it should slide back & forth.

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I don't have the central grate as haven't seen any need for it and would just make cleaning it more difficult.
But from what others have said it doesn't appear to slide at all, it weighs about 6 lbs I believe.
can't slide side to side because its trapped between the other 2, shouldn't slide forward unless you are sliding a pot off the front edge.
Also IF it is like the other 2 it will have 4 little silicone feet/pads it sits on, but also seem to remember someone saying that they stuck 4 small felt pads on theirs so maybe not.
But haven't heard anyone complain about it moving.

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Got my central grate today.

It has feet that hook around the sides of the central top panel. The fit is tight and keeps it from moving side to saide. Small high-heat silicon disks on the end bars keep it from moving forward and back. No trouble sliding pots across it.

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