Best refrigerator for the garage

jlj48September 15, 2008

Hello everyone. Can anyone please tell me of a refrigerator with cooling on bottom and a freezer on top that works in the garage? We purchased a used Frigidaire that wasn't very old, but it did not even survive a year. We love having the ability to cool extra beverages in the fridge, and store frozen meats in the freezer. However, we live in the midwest. Temps range from over 100 degrees in the summer, to 15 below zero in the winter. Sears carries one or two models that are fridge or freezer only, not both. ~~~~~~ I also wondered if a refrigerator could be insulated, kind of like with a water heater blanket or something similar since the garage is unheated. Has anyone tried this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Given those temps, doubt anything but a true outdoor refrigerator will survive long term. Biggest problem is actually wintertime, as indoor fridges will freeze up compressors trying to run as temps drop, not to mention that there is no way a fridge can keep stuff from freezing if it's 15 below. A quick look online shows mainly undercounter style units, nothing like a full sized unit that you appear to be looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Approved for outdoor refrigeration

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At one time Maytag made a fridge that they said had the same type of indoor-outdoor compressor that is on soda vending machines that are outside summer and winter. I have no idea if they were any good or if they still make them but I guess a phone call or two would tell you.

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Whirlpool Corporation makes a line of refrigerators especially for garage installations. They used to call it "Gladiator", but I think they've rebadged it now and call it "Chillerator". See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool Chillerator Garage Refrigerator/Freezer

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Thank you for your responses. I had no luck on the Maytag website. I loved the Whirlpool "Chillerator", but it is a little more than I wanted to spend. However, I think my community provides rebates to consumers who purchase energy star appliances, so maybe it can work. I am surprised that the market has not created more of a selection. I would think that lots of people would be interested in a garage frige/freezer combo.

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