Do you need to drill into cast iron shower pan to install a door?

threeapplesOctober 25, 2013

The glass company says that in order to put a shower door on our shower that has a Kohler cast iron shower pan we need to drill into the pan. This worries me. Is there another way? I'm open to framed or frameless doors for this shower.

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we have a cast iron shower pan and they did not drill into the pan... (we have frameless)... they did however drill through the tile to install the door hinge into the stud and epoxied a 3/4" guide to the pan and the pony wall to hold the bottom pieces of 'wall' glass (glass is on 2 sides).

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Sometimes the size/weight of the door dictates the hinge used, but that should have been figured out in the design stage.

Top/bottom (curb mounted) hinges do need mechanical fastening to prevent shifting.

So it's really a matter of design. Was the shower designed so the door literally can't be hinged to the wall? Or to an adjacent glass panel if there is one?

If it's simply a matter of a non-imaginative installer, then that's another issue. If the doors were already ordered and they are detailed for a curb-mounted hinge, then the glass itself might need to be reordered to use wall hinges.

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