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eviempJune 21, 2013

I just got a new computer with Windows7. I have Comcast but use aol for email, etc. Now when I get an email and click on 'reply' to answer, the original email I received is still there and there's only a small space above to start replying. It is really annoying and on my old computer I just got a blank email when I clicked "reply" Does anyone know how I get rid of that original email? Thanks so much

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Look in the email tool bar for options, there should be an option to include message in reply or words like that. Check or uncheck it. That option for me is in the send section.

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I was trying to go to "tools" and for whatever reason it's not on the aol site anymore. I have no idea why! But thanks for trying and answering.

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Are you using the aol program for email or online at I haven't used the aol program for years and use aol email with my desktop mail program but occasionally I log in at if that's where you are having the problem. Mary

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Yes, I do use aol for just about everything and have it as my homepage. Comcast is my provider though, but I've always preferred aol and use the free one. I think I searched just about everywhere to solve this email problem but I can't find anywhere to get rid of it. It wasn't a problem in the past with Windows XP and aol.

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I'm not clear on whether you have any AOL software installed on your computer or not. If so, that might explain the difference you're seeing. Did you have software installed on your last computer but are you now using the web interface only ? Or have you been using the webmail interface all along ?

And, pardon my curiosity... what is it that annoys you about the inclusion of the original message ? Is it the fact that it's there at all ? In that case, you'll have to manually remove the original message each time (see link in last paragraph below) or use a desktop client which can be set NOT to include the original when replying.

Or is the annoyance just that the original message is so close to the first line of your reply ? If this is the case, you could do what I do: just hold the "Enter" button down for a few seconds to push the original message down the screen a bit and give you more 'breathing room' for your reply. :-)

This answer in their Mail help states that the "include original message with reply" approach is pretty much the only option they give you. (See their "note" at the bottom of that article.) If you don't like it being there, they make you manually remove it.

Not very user-friendly, that. :-(

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You could highlight the offending text and remove it with the DELETE key, or you could hit ENTER a few times and the quoted text will move down the page allowing you some more room. I've looked thru the AOL Webmail settings and did not find a way to disable the auto-quote when replying to a message. I still have AOL v9.0 installed (though I don't use it much) and it can be set to disable the auto-quote.

If this doesn't suit you & you are still bothered by AOL's Webmail, you could install an email client (a program whose primary function is to send/receive mail) and link it with your AOL account. Then you could change any settings at your discretion. The link below is just one example. You may already have Windows Live Mail installed. The setup would be similar but the instructions may be slightly different.

Here is a link that might be useful: AOL & Thunderbird

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I have been thinking about what you posted in the orig post. Mine does the same thing, but I just hit enter two or three times and the message I am replying to moves down. I like it that way so I can refer to the orig message to see if there was anything I wanted to comment on. Before I hit send I high light and delete the message below.

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Thanks so much, everyone, for all the answers. You've really helped me a lot. Yes, deleting the original email manually works well, even if it is an extra step, and I'm really happy to find a way to move the original down a little. As someone mentioned, it is really annoying me as it's so close to where I want to write. So I'll try clicking on the "enter" button. Good advice! I guess, as someone mentioned, there is just no way now to get the messages permanently gone. But all your advice will really help me out. Thanks again.

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Here I am again and here's a stupid question. I was going to press "enter" as people suggested and I don't see any "enter" button. Where is it? (Remember this is a new computer and I'm soooo lost!) Thanks

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Yes it's not clear if you have the actual AOL program installed or if you are accessing mail from As said at there is no way to disable auto quote but in the program you can disable auto quote.

I have haven't had the program on here for years. No need for it since I have high speed. Didn't want to loose my address I have had all these years so I find it much easier to use a mail program on my desktop and phone for my aol mail.

The one thing I hate is if I do need to access my mail from on a mobile device they don't let you attach anything and that annoys me to no end and I dont understand why they would disable that so you are pretty much forced to use a mail program on mobile devices for aol. Mary

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If you have a standard keyboard, ENTER is probably right next to the number 3 on the far right side. There is also an ENTER key not far to the right of the letter L. Both should be labeled. A laptop or a non-standard keyboard may be different.

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When you select "Reply" the original message will drop down -- leaving a space for you to key new info as your response. You can also select any or all of the original email (from the sender) by right clicking and delete it with delete key. When you are satisfied with the reply (leaving any or none of the original email) hitting send will take care of your response. The original email that you received remains intact. It can be deleted or left saved as with any received email. It has not changed.

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Thanks, I feel like an idiot. I was busy looking for "enter" on the email and never thought it just meant the enter key on the kepboard.

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Remember too that in a business environment the original message can be important so the person knows what is being replied to, especially in a busy office with lots of emails moving back and forth.

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