Built-in Thermador refrigerator help needed

sjhockeyfan325September 23, 2013


We are getting the above refrigerator (right-side hinge). It will be paneled. The problem is there is a short wall next to the fridge that extends about 6" more than the cabinetry. I would be very appreciative if someone who understands these things could tell me how far I'd have to move the refrigerator to the left (and therefore how much filler between the fridge and the wall) for the fridge door to fully open (115 degrees). Thanks for your help.

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Sj hockey - the hinge for Thermador freedom series is supposed to be similar to Miele fully integrated fridge hinges. If you go to a appliance store like university electric in Santa Clara, you can see it installed in person. The hinge pushes out and then swings.

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Down load the Thermador design guide and it will have all those dimensions you need

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador Refrigeration Design Guide

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Well, we went to see the refrigerator today (thank goodness I knew there was a local store that had one on display) and were able to work it out. It turns out the door only needs to open 90 degrees and you can fully open the drawers and remove them for cleaning. That problem is solved. Now turning attention to oven/cooktop problem.

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sjhockeyfan, did you end up leaving any filler space between the end of your fridge and the wall? We have nearly the exact same set up!

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I have the Miele fridge, flush mount. I would be very careful about the door swing. Did you count the handle protrusion?

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Yes, thank you! Fortunately, the handle will open into the open doorway space. I looked at the installation sheet but still couldn't tell how much filler space we needed. (BTW, I love the look of your Miele fridge in your kitchen!)

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The answer is on page 24 of the installation booklet linked above. It depends which handle. There are evidently 2 different ones. To be safe, I would say allow 3 inches for the handle protrusion. I also would pay special attention to the door swivel range diagrams on the same page.

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I just looked - we did 3" but that was a design choice - we wanted the fridge "framed". I opened the door and you actually need about 1-1/2 inches. Here's a picture with the door closed - I couldn't get a good picture with the door open.

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Thank you! That helps so much! Every inch counts in our tiny space, so hopefully we'll just be able to use the minimum for clearance. Love the paneling on yours, BTW!

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And rococogurl, thanks for pointing out the info in the design good. I'd looked in the installation and owner's manuals, not realizing that the link above was a separate manual with the needed specs. Hiding in plain site! Thanks again.

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