randy427June 11, 2012

Is it possible to get MINESWEEPER to show up larger on the screen without changing my desktop settings? I'm running Windows XP and have no desire to upgrade.



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Yes. Open Minesweeper click on Game. Click Custom. You will see Height, Width, Mines. Increase the Height. Increase the Width. Change the number of mines. Click OK. It'll get bigger. Next time you open it it may not be that exact same size again but something close. You can change it every time. I've never played this game.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I don't know about in XP but in Windows 7 you can just grab the corner and drag it out to a eye friendlier size.

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Can't grab corners my versions XP/home & XP/Pro. Well I did try the game. I lost. Badly.

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Well I did try the game. I lost. Badly

Ha ha, you should try to get used to it while you have XP. In Windows 7 it seems so much harder to win - and I do not think it is my imagination.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

To make one of the Windows Games such as Solitaire larger:

First, copy the game:
Click Start / All Programs / Games
Right click on the game (Minesweeper in your case Mike)
Select Properties from the list
Press the "Find Target" button on the next window
Right Click on the highlighted file and select Copy

Next paste the copy to your Desktop:
Right Click on your Desktop
Select Paste from the list

Finally, we'll change the resolution setting for the game:
Right click on the game you just pasted to your Desktop
Select Properties from the list and Click on the Compatibility Tab
Put a check in the box marked "Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution"

Now whenever you want to play, click on that game on your Desktop and it
will open in full screen mode using the largest Cards and Numbers possible! :-)

That comes from http://www.realgeek.com/forums/minesweeper-16257.html.

I no longer have XP so I'm afraid I can't test it.

I hadn't played Minesweeper in a long time. Probably when I was running XP. At that time I was using a lower resolution monitor and didn't run into the "too small to see" issue. Oh well, making it larger only made it easier to see myself lose. :)

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It worked. thanks Chuggerguy

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Cool! I really wasn't sure.

Oops, the new image uploader up-scaled that gif and killed the animation didn't it?

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