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chas045June 20, 2014

I have a new HP netbook that came loaded with Win 8.1. I have DSL that is rated at 10Meg but usually is around 8. I sometimes watch youtube music videos. Recently, it seems that a lot of videos just sit there buffering while others will take off and the graphic indicating how far ahead the download is ahead, is far ahead of the video and everything is fine. I assume that some of this is the speed of the provider's server, but I suspect much is due to something set poorly at my end.

Can someone tell me where to check my settings or other ways do diagnose what problem I have, or if I have a problem. I also use an old Win 7 dell computer. Admittedly I haven't really tested it but I tried one link that almost always failed to play on the HP and it took right off on the Dell. However, I sometimes note that re-clicking a video link will have it play fine on the HP.

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"If it seems like YouTube videos are slow to load on your computer, you aren't alone. Even if your internet connection is lightning fast, you might have issues with YouTube videos buffering for a long time and halting every few seconds. Read on for a few strategies you can try to get your videos loading faster."

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Make-YouTube-Videos-Load-Faster

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