Is Anyone Happy With Their Built-in Microwave?

chetsmomSeptember 19, 2012

My husband and are planning for our kitchen remodel. Our cabinets will be custom. We're shopping for stainless steel appliances and have decided on the Bosch HBL5450UC as a single built-in electric/convection oven We need to pick a microwave, but I'm stumped. The Bosch microwaves have some terrible reviews - they die after 2 years. Is anyone happy with their microwave after more than 6 months of use? By the way, I'm open to mixing appliance brands.

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There are a few people here that are happy with the one in the link available at deep discount.

It is manufacturer refurbished and comes with a 30 day warranty instead of one year.

If you get one get it right before your cabinet guys are ready for it. You don't want your warranty to expire while it is sitting in the garage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Microwave

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This comes up repeatedly on this forum. I am one of many who strongly believe that built-in MW are a terrible idea: ridiculously overpriced for a device that is identical internally to the $150 special at Walmart. They're all still built by Panasonic or Sharp, no matter the Viking nameplate or the $1000 price tag. Plus, they still look terribly kludgy to my eye.

We have been ultra-satisfied with our decision to place the MW into a cabinet with a door on "garage door" hinges. Hidden when we want it to be, easily accessed when in use. Plus I love the Panasonic MW we got for under $200 (with true inverter technology) and will shed no tears if like most MW's it dies in a few years.

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Our previous microwave was a huge, Panasonic micro/convection oven (convection feature had died some years into owning it). It was a behemoth, and ugly, with fake wood grain sides, but that thing kept chugging along.

I don't cook in my microwave; mostly use it to melt butter or chocolate, or reheat leftovers, so didn't need anything fancy. We were very limited as to microwave size, particularly its depth, in the location designated (for a microwave) by our KD. One very important feature for us, was an on/off switch for the turntable (our old Panasonic didn't have a turntable at all, and we liked being able to use oblong baking dishes in the micro when desired). so we were limited even further.

Our GE JEM31 Spacemaker II (discontinued) is small (ours is installed with the matching trim kit), but it does the job, so I guess I am happy with it.

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I'm very happy with my 24" Sharp MW drawer. Bought it a reconditioned unit for a great price on ebay. I would do it again in a heartbeat as it functions very well and another type of placement wouldn't have worked in my layout.

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We've had our GE Profile "above the stove oven" for 5 years now and haven't had any problems. Our only gripe has been that the controls are not intuitive (guests / babysitters have a hard time using it w/o a demo).

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We also avoided the built-in MW when we took out the old decrepit GE oven/MW combination. The GE MW had died a long time before the oven, so we knew we didn't want a combination. We went with Elux for our convection oven, and put a Panasonic countertop convection MW into the shelf above, with a Panasonic trim kit around. It isn't as snazzy as the Elux combination, but it cost about $1000 less. When the MW dies, we can replace it at a lot lower cost than a built-in unit.


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We recently built a new house and I made the decision (which was not popular with anyone, btw) to put my microwave on a shelf in the pantry. It sits at just above waist-level right as I walk in. I am so happy I decided to do has easy access and I can easily replace it anytime I want! I just bought one at Sear's Outlet.

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Very happy with my 24" Sharp MW drawer.

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Thanks to everyone for their responses. clinresga: I think that your solution is brilliant. My husband mentioned doing this to our cabinetmaker and he was dismissive saying nobody has been happy when they've done that. We'll be discussing this further this week. The matching trim kit is another option - thanks for mentioning that cat_mom.

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Chetsmom: we got similar warnings when we did ours. "They never stay in alignment" and the like. However, after five years of use, ours still work like new. I will say that we keep it open much of the time when there is no company, so that reduces the wear and tear, and I would not vouce for longevity if it were being opened and closed dozens of times a day, but for us, it's more a few times a week and under that schedule we don't anticipate any problems.

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