Last decision! 27" deep or 30" deep range hood?

SeaKozSeptember 7, 2012

Hi Folks,

Thanks to all of your help, I've figured out all of my appliance purchases, except one last question...

I'm getting a ModernAire range hood, the PSI-16 Island hood. I'm debating the 27" depth vs. the 30" depth. The difference in price is nearly $500 which makes me leery. I'm pairing this with a 36" Capital Culinarian with a 12" grill.

The hood is 42" wide and will be paired with an Abbaka 1400 CFM exterior blower.



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What are the internal front-to-back aperture dimensions of these Modern-Aire hoods?

For reference, my Wolf Pro Island hood internal aperture front-to-back dimension is 26 inches, while the outside dimension at the base is 32 inches, and the maximum overall dimension is 34 inches (excluding rails).


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Hi Kas,

That's a good question but I don't know if I can answer. The spec sheet is here: I'm not sure what part of it is relevant to the question. I did call ModernAire and they said that if I increase the depth, the size of the baffles goes up as well, if that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: PSI-16 spec sheet (pdf)

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The answer to the question I think is

On the PSI hood the light bar in the front and back is raised and angled by about 1/2" to 3/4" so the size of the capture are is about 26" nearly the same as the Wolf but on a 27" depth hood.

Having said we are having Modern-Aire make a special PSI hoods for us to achieve a significantly improved capture area.

The light bar has been put in the center of the capture area and raised slightly so we have a double bank of filters, we also increase the depth to 33" or any number above. So now the true capture area of the PSI is about 31" which is really good for an Island hood.

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Hmm, so it sounds like the 27" is equivalent to Kas' larger hood? If it's good enough for Kas, it's good enough for me.

Thanks everyone!

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Does Kas have a grill ?

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Aww nuts. I have no idea.

I need to order my appliances pretty soon.

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No grill. kas has a 36-inch induction cook-top next to a Cooktek 3500W induction wok hob. The Wolf Pro Island hood was the largest standard size that I found in 2007 and that looked ok. A Wolf supplied, Broan manufactured nominal 1500 cfm roof fan is used along with a Fantech sound suppressor and 10-inch ducting.

The hood internal aperture in the width direction is 61 inches while the distance between the farthest apart hob centers is 44 inches. The hood overlap on the left of the cooking zone of the wok is adequate, as is the overlap with the largest pan that should be used on the r.h. induction hob. The hood is 34 inches above the cooking surfaces.

I like where Trevor is going with his modified hood design, both in size and lamp placement. With the Wolf, there is a lamp that is right over my head when wokking, leading to having to wear a hat or change to an LED lamp. And of course, larger is better for island hoods. Even if 31 inches of depth might not be needed at the low end of the range of hood placement (30 inches above the cooking surface), higher placement can provide headroom for taller cooks and/or less visual intrusion into sight-lines. What one can get away with in that respect will depend on cross drafts as well as the effluent expansion angle of the worst case relevant cooking. (Expansion angles may be found in the second article referenced in my first clipping.)


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