Bluestar grill and oven take too long to heat

susanq99September 12, 2013

I was so excited when my Bluestar 36" range came. It was the highlight of my kitchen remodel, but...

When I turned on the grill, I expected a very hot heat to cook my steaks. I left it on for about 15-20 minutes and it still seemed not hot enough. I ended up cooking the steaks in a cast iron pan on the burner, which was very hot.

When I called Bluestar, they said that the grill and the oven take 20-45 minutes to preheat! Are you kidding? Does anyone have any experience with this? I am very disappointed because it will take so long before I can even start cooking.

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I don't have much experience with the built-in grills but

36" 5 cu ft plus ovens take a while to preheat.

Bluestar is on the long side of normal.

It takes 20-25 minutes to reach 350.

And 40-45 minutes for it to stabilize after three cycles as is needed for baking.

BTW It takes the Culinarian 10-12 minutes to reach 350 and about 15-17 minutes to stabilize at 350 for its 36" 4.6 cu ft oven. One of faster if not fastest 36" gas ovens.

BTW II Some of the newer 240v electric ovens can race to 350 in under 6 minutes but not gas. Not this large anyway.

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>BTW It takes the Culinarian 10-12 minutes to reach 350 and about 15-17 minutes to stabilize at 350 for its 36" 4.6 cu ft oven. One of faster if not fastest 36" gas ovens.

Ya that's because the cc uses a secret space age technology to acheive the what no others can. Another post of great exageration.

To the original poster. I usually let my oven and griddle preheat for some time. I do the very same thing with my outdoor natural gas grill. I cant actually say how many minutes it is, but yes a disadvantage to gas is preheat times.

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I also have the 36" BS range with grill. Yes, the grill isn't as hot as the 22k burners or maybe even other kinds of grills. But in my view, it is plenty hot to grill my steaks perfectly. I generally preheat for at least 20 minutes which is what an outdoor grill would take anyway.

Yes, the oven takes a long time to preheat. First, it is 20% bigger than a regular 30" range oven. And we have heard that Blue Star's oven insulation is sacrificed in favor of maximizing the interior space so maybe that contributes somewhat to the longer preheat time. Can't have it all, I guess. But I hear your frustration. If your range contains your only oven, the preheating time can be a pain. The oven performs beautifully but we don't use it very frequently. One of the reasons for this is that we also have a speed oven. In addition to just wanting a second oven, we wanted to avoid the long preheat time required for a 36" oven.

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Both CC and BS have a 30K BTU burner in the oven.Many ovens will indicate they are preheated but can be 50+ degrees below temperature. It can be a little misleading. You would have to have a thermometer to tell.
Until you get used to and know how your oven is with how you bake,your oven,I would allow about 30 minutes more for any oven to stabilize. It has nothing to do with how many times it cycles. An oven with less bulk and insulation reaches its most stable point faster than a oven with a lot of bulk. You may be able to use your BS 20 minutes into the preheat depending on what you are cooking. Get an oven thermometer so that you can see exactly what your oven is doing.

You might get a little faster preheat and stabilization if you turn your convection fan on during preheat.

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Ya that's because the cc uses a secret space age technology to acheive the what no others can. Another post of great exageration.

It is a statement of FACT.

It is no secret.

Smaller oven with better insulation that does not get the oven door to 175 degrees.

Wolf 5.5 cu ft oven Electrolux 6.4 cu ft oven. Monogram 6.2 cu ft.

Bluestar has some advantages.

No need to get pissy when someone points out a relative advantage of the CC.

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I'm not getting pissy. To be honest, I usually enjoy reading your posts. I often observe you spending time looking stuff up for other members, and genuinely helping out. Historically you have also been reasonably fair between the bs and cc thing but I'm not sure what has happened in recent days. First you claimed that the cc oven has only had one reported problem by one member (years ago no less) and that issue has been rectified. I certainly hope you don't stand behind that "fact" because that is easily debunked. And now you are claiming "fact" that a cc oven stabilizes its temp THREE TIMES faster than a bs with the same btu burner and a maybe 10% larger oven. Please show us proof of this. Until then, it isn't fact, it is biased rubbish.

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As the owner of a Bluestar 36RNB for a six months now, I'm wondering if I have a freak "good one" or do I have "owners goggles" on? With all this talk about hot doors, slow heating, range tops taking hours to cool down, etc. etc. I went out today and purchased both an oven thermometer, and a laser surface temperature gun. I'm just curious on my own behalf and I will conduct several tests on my range, and report back in a few days with my results. I'm finding it hard to believe all the bad reviews, when I have been more than satisfied with my range.

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Looking forward to your results!

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Fast warmup is nice providing the oven sheet metal doesn't wind up being buckled, crumpled, and distorted. Slow warmup can have a host of reasons, but doing temperature vs time charts, and also gas on vs gas off time period stats are always a good place to start if you think you might have a problem.
Be aware that remote reading thermometers can sometimes be fooled a bit by shiny surfaces and transparent materials.

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Ctycdm..I wouldn't say you have a freak good one. Bluestar is one of the most commonly reviewed appliances on this board and there are many good reviews and happy owners, it just seems as tho the positive reviews don't tend to bring out as much passion. After over 5 yrs of ownership my bs is still what I consider to be the best appliance that I have ever purchased, and the only appliance I have that I expect to own and last until I no longer walk the earth.

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Susan, op, yes, try turning on the convection feature of your oven for a faster preheat. Hopefully, bs has a convection feature.

I have a 30" wide Bosch electric oven which using 'fast preheat', gets to 350 in about 7 minutes. Two thermometers live inside my oven. Apples to oranges somewhat, except that I think this fast preheat feature uses convection to get it that high that fast.

Fast preheat was a prime consideration for me. But you have flames and you can char a pepper on your stovetop.

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Yes, tyguy I was being a bit facetious with the "freak good one" comment. I'm so very pleased with my range! I understand it's usually someone having a problem or issue that posts to gain information, or just air their frustrations.

Back to the OPs question... I don't have the grill, but I did cook breakfast on the griddle this morning and experimented with a surface temp thermometer: I set thermostat dial at 325, which is where I usually griddle at. Cycled off in 10 minutes, and the surface temp reading was between 289 and 331 depending on where I shot the laser. Just from experience in the last six months of use, I've known the rear part to be warmer than the front. I don't mind this, it's actually helpful to me as I can place different foods in different locations. (eggs near the front, etc.) I do realize a grill needs to be much hotter than a griddle, but my outdoor gas grill takes a good 15- 20 min to really pre heat, and my Charcoal Weber needs at least a half hour or more for coals to be ready. (I just use this time to enjoy a beer:) A pan seared rib eye on a cast iron skillet comes out darn good on the 22K burner! Or you might try your steak under the broiler, being infra red it heats up very quickly! As far as the oven goes, yes it does take a while to warm up, I'll check the pre-heat time on my next baking or roasting session...

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Fast preheat using convection is more of an electric oven goodie. Gas does not use true convection, it just uses a fan to circulate the air. I would think convection on gas would stabalize tbe temp a bit quicker but I think the effectivness to bring it to temp marginal at best.

I think that the op issue is just an issue with gas more than anything, although I am a bit curious as to the grill because after 20 mins I think it should be ready for a steak. I cook 2" thick steak to med rare inside with a good sear outside and I don't think I preheat any longer than 20 mins.

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A convection fan without the third element may still help a gas oven heat and stabilize faster in two ways. First it causes the air to move and even out the heat. This will help to prevent hot spots that might occur near the heat sensor, since they are at the top of the oven, causing the gas to shut off before the oven fully preheats. It might also keep the bulk of the oven heating more evenly. The second action would be to increase rate of heat transfer so that the bulk of the oven will heat quicker. The only way to see if it helps significantly is to try it and time it.

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I hope to not be too off-topic with my question: what are the lowest and highest temperatures the BS oven can regulate? I am not talking about the numbers on the knob, but the actual temperatures one can get.

I am working on convincing myself that the price tag of the 30" RNB is really worth; it's the oven that seems to raise the most complaints.

Regarding the skimpy hot door, the salesman explained to me that BS had to make it thinner so that the range depth stays under 29" while accommodating a full-size baking sheet. Sounds logical.

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I love everything about my BS, 22k burners, griddle, oven and even the broiler :) Nothings perfect, broilers too small, oven takes a while to pre-heat and the griddle is a little cooler toward the front (I too find the cooler front of the griddle useful) learn to work with those things for all the benefits of having that big beautiful 'restaurant style' range. It's made cooking more of a joy, we're experiencing new flavors from home we usually only enjoyed going out. It's not necessarily a by-product of the exclusivity of owning a BS, anyone who cooks on this style of range enjoys those benefits. However there are quirks associated w/the ownership such as long oven heat-up times (big ovens), more burnt food due to the learning curve of ALL users, more mess from higher heat, the need for better ventilation and bigger smiles from having a good time cooking.
Just thought I'd chime in as one of the satisfied BS owners (been using it about 6 months), like I said, nothings perfect and expectations should be based on reality and logic not wishful thinking.

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I too want to jump in. I have experienced a temperamental burner on my 48 in RNB in the short time that I have owned it but it was an easy fix under warranty so not a big inconvenience. And yes the large oven could heat up more quickly. The griddle is taking some getting use to and not sure how much I love it after my eggs stuck miserably (poor seasoning job?), but but I love my new toy- the wok. I have been having a grand time with new flavors, seasonings, different herbs, etc. So color me a fan. Speaking of colors, I remain thrilled with mine...translucent mahogany :)

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