Thermador Induction Cooktop Question

jengeorgesonSeptember 28, 2013

I accidentally posted this in the kitchen forum so reposting here:

I'm currently shopping for kitchen appliances for the new home we're building. A local appliance store has an older model 36" Thermador induction cooktop that has been a floor model in their showroom for a little over 4 years (I think it's even been sitting in a back room in the store for quite some time). They want to get rid of it because they said nobody buys induction in our area and it hasn't received much interest. It doesn't have a scratch on it & looks brand new. They offered to sell it to me with full warranty for $800. The model number is CIT365DS. I would love to hear opinions about whether this would be a good or bad idea for our new home. Thanks!

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"nobody buys induction ......"?

Uh huh.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Love my 36" Thermador induction. You are always going to find some that have bad experiences with any brand, many of them posting here. However, if you look at consumer sites (e.g., Consumer Reports) that factor in higher number of consumer experiences, you'll find that Thermador is well regarded. Before buying our kitchen appliances, we talked to an authorized service provider of multiple appliances - they were most impressed with Thermador.

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Induction is great, see the many, many threads on this forum for all the opinions and experiences. I have a Thermador induction top, it's also been great.

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We have a 36" Thermador induction cooktop, installed about 15 months ago. I love cooking on it, DH loves the easy clean up. I would buy one for $800 in a heartbeat.


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I would buy a Thermador induction top site unseen for $800.

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