Need a new stand mixer

reel_timeSeptember 23, 2013

My Kitchenaid Pro 600, Christmas present four years ago, is dying a slow and painful death. Double batches of pizza dough kneading for 12 minutes a pop once or twice a month is killing it. It has always strained on bread and pizza dough, and I have a brick oven, so there you go. I need a mixer that will handle bread dough but will also still handle making a single batch of cookies or a cake.. When we make pizza dough for parties a few times each year, it is usually 4 or 5 double batches at a time, so I need a machine that can handle that. I don't mind making several batches or just a couple of very large batches, but I need to get the job done without burning up a mixer. I would love to hear your stories. Thanks in advance.

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Not sure how big a double batch is, but the Bosch Compact is a real workhorse in a small size that can handle any type of dough. I have not made cookie dough in it. The best range for the Compact for really wet doughs ( 85 % ) is 450 grams to 1000 grams, though it will handle even smaller dough if you need to. The Bosch Universal Plus is also a brute, but it may have trouble kneading small wet dough - if you made a single batch of say 400 grams of 8% hydration, it may not be able to knead it. On the other hand, you can load up with lots of flour and it will work well.

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After replacing two KitchenAid Pro 600 stand mixers due to not being able to handle my bread kneading, I went with a Cuisinart 7 Qt. I love it! It handles even large batches of whole wheat bread without straining. I gave the last replacement KitchenAid to my daughter.

The first two KitchenAids expired during the warranty period, and I have to say that KitchenAid was great about honoring their warranty, but it was a real pain being without a mixer while waiting for the replacements.

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I burned out a KitchenAid or two kneading bread. They told me it was because I was using too high of a speed. I have not had trouble once I switched to 3 or 4. It also no longer wobbles terribly when kneading, so hopefully I won't take any more chunks out of my floor then it shimmies off of the counter.

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Kitchenaid Mixers Burn Out. I'm on my fourth KA. My friend has the Bosch Universal Plus. It has suction cups on the bottom, a domed lid and can knead 15lbs of dough! Bed Bath Beyond has it and you use ur 20% coupon, $320+tax. The cookie blade is $35. Good luck!

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OrchidSlayer, if I recall correctly, KA say no more than speed 2 for kneading stiff doughs.

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I have the Bosch Universal Plus- it's totally awesome! Also in its class is the ankarsum brand mixer; but it is pricey! Good luck!

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