Miele Dishwashers - what can you use in them for dw detergent?

mielemaidSeptember 24, 2010

I decided to get the latest LaPerla II instead of the other older LaPerla I.

They're coming tomorrow to install the dishwasher, what can I use in it? I know about Somat, but do I also need dishwashing detergent?

Currently I have a little bit of Cascade Advanced Powder, and almost a full bottle of Cascade Advanced Gel. Are these things fine to wash the dishes in?

Do I need to start buying the Miele Tabs for the dishwasher instead?

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I've tried the Cascade with Dawn 2-in-1 Action Packs, the newer Cascade Complete Packs, and the Miele tabs. Between them, I think the Miele tabs do the best job overall, as it doesn't have any chemical smell left like the Cascade does.

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Wow, good to know. Is there anywhere else to get them other than Miele's site? Any German or Canadian sites that might be cheaper?

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That I don't know, as I purchased them from the Miele showroom in Boca FL.

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You may also want to check out this thread:

The box that they've had for the past few years contained 60 tabs for $30, but were scored down the center so they could be broken in-half. All I use is half a tab and everything is clean. So that gives me 120 total washes.
The new box (which is 3 boxes of 24 tabs) contains a total of 72 tabs for $35. I emailed Miele about it to see if they were still the same tabs, and was told they were and could be broken in-half, but now someone has said they got this new box and the tabs have changed and are no longer scored in the center to be broken in-half.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newer Miele Tabs on the Miele site

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Watching this thread closely . . . I need two dishwashers but am concerned about paying Miele prices and then paying for special detergent, etc. I love the convenience of the Cascade tabs but I won't even buy those because they are so much more expensive ;). Maybe a Miele isn't for me!

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What happens if you use regular old Cascade Complete powder in a Miele Dishwasher? Are tabs required? Are Miele tabs required?

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Just called the place I bought it from. They said "most people start off with the Miele tabs then switch to Cascade" lol...

The Somat is what I'm really going to need today. They're going to send my my complimentary box of Miele tabs & complimentary Somat in the mail as they forgot to put it in.

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I read (here?) recently that Cascade hasn't been working as well for some people, or leaving a film because of the phosphate removal???? I've been using the Miele tabs--99% of the time 1/2 tabs, unless the load is really filled to the brim, or extra grimy/stinky, or has been sitting a number of days. Then I'll use a full tab. Why do they have to mess with something that works????

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Just called both Cascade & Miele. What I own is the Cascade "Advanced" in both powder & gel bought from Costco.

I asked Cascade if the Advanced in both of those forms is "Enzyme Based" as I have read here that enzyme based works best in Miele. They said "yes".

I asked if Cascade Advanced powder / gel was ok to use in Miele. The answer was to call Miele.

So I phoned Miele.

The answer is yes you can use Cascade Advanced powder - 1 tablespoon of it per load.

For Cascade gel - 1 teaspoon.

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If you check the thread I linked to earlier, there are now two pictures posted of the newer Miele tabs, and they are not scored down the middle to be broken in-half.
This is bad news, as it makes them $0.48 per tab. The older tabs that could be broken in-half was $0.50 per full tab, or .25 for each half and gave 120 loads.

To answer the other question about Cascade, I was using the Cascade Complete Action Packs for a while, and then changed to a small box of the Cascade powder. The powder is nice because you can vary the amount of detergent, where as the Action packs are more convenient to use but can't alter the amount used. The reason I stopped using the Cascade brand was because of the chemical smell I was getting in the dishwasher, but everything was clean. Once I changed over to the Miele brand tabs and rinse aid, the chemical smell went away, and I think they are doing a better of cleaning.

I'll have to check with my local Miele showroom and see if they still have the older boxes of 60 tabs that can be broken in-half, or if they only have the new ones.

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I have a Miele Inspira II and have been using up my leftover box of Cascade powder, bought from Sam's club. I think it's the Cascade complete, but I'm not positive and I'm not sure it matters anyway. No smell remains, and it seems to be doing a terrific job. I've been extremely impressed with how clean everything gets, especially the flatware in the third rack. I have no intention of buying premium detergent for the dishwasher as long as what I've been using works just fine....but that's just me. :-)


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I use cascade action packs with DAWN. They aren't too expensive at Costco and I get great results, can't smell any chemicals, and never use any kind of drying agent in the Bosch.

I have been using the Cascade with dawn packets for long times and no problems have ensued.

Mielemaid, fill us in on how the La Perla is working out. Is it great??? I would probably have one too, but I now have to wait until the G5000s come out in North America since I saw this dishwasher porn.

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Hi everyone!

@mojavean - the Miele La Perla II is a DREAM COME TRUE. I wanted the g5000 as I too saw the g5000 dw porn stuff but I couldn't wait as the dw that came with the house was a GE Nautilus (horrible) and the dishes were not coming out clean with it.

Plus you can pack this thing like you would not believe as well as it being totally quiet! We also replaced our InSinkErator Badger 5 which stopped working the night before our dw came with an InSinkErator 3/4 waste disposal which is a great quiet sink disposal, so they installed it when they installed our dw!

It's really really a great dw and WORTH the price!

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As far as the Miele La Perla - we are finding that Cascade Gel works better & cleans better than the Cascade powder. I used to get those action packs that you're talking about at Costco and yes they were great, but I haven't used them in this dw.

And there is no residue from it.

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Outstanding! Glad you are happy with the La Perla. I am delighted with the results we are still getting out of our old Bosch, but when the G5000 comes out with the reconfigurable rack, lowerable center trough in the cutlery tray, and LED INTERIOR LIGHTS, I suspect my will to resist will prove insufficient.

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@mojovean - I posted a thread about what Miele USA told me about the G5000 and when it will be available in the USA. I believe it will be at least a year before it will become available, possibly longer.

I'm also wondering if anyone has been using FINISH tabs in their Miele and what results they're having, how well it washes, does it leave residue, etc? They are super cheap tabs that you can buy at Costco.

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I have a Miele Futura DW which I loved until about three months ago when it started streaking glassware with a white coating that didn't come off even with scrubbing. I tried everything, even the most expensivce DW tabs (Cascade platinum) and they didn't solve the problem. When I finally called Miele they told me that their DW is not meant for the Tabs that are on the market because they generate too much soap suds. If using a tab they recommend their own. Or if using liquid use only one TEASPOON, and powder use only one TABLESPOON. I had to run the DW with vinegar to get all the soap out of it. Glad I did. I was probably on the road to messing it up with too much soap. Havent tried the MIELE tabs yet but am placing an order now.

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I started using miele tabs a couple years ago after a warranty service call. The repair man left some samples.

I just got a new batch - they made some changes so hopefully they will work..

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After the Miele Tabs changed their formulation 4 years ago, they made a ton of suds in my unit. I'm not sure if they've changed since then?
So that's why I went to use the Method Smarty tabs. They work great, clean well, no suds, and I only need to use 1/2 tab per load.

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If I take the question by OP literally, the he/she is (was?) wondering which detergents can be used in the Miele DW.

I bought my Miele ~8mo back and had exact same question before making the decision. The lady at the store where I placed an order spent some time with Miele customer support and came back that as long as you use powdered detergent, you can use any brand, just that they recommend using ~1-2 tsp for a full load.

I currently use Seventh Gen, Trader Joe's and a bunch of other detergents without any issue (so far!)

However, if you use tablets, since those are pre-measured quantities, they recommend using either 1 per load of Miele's own, OR half-per-load of Cascade brand. I did not ask about other brands because I never use tablets but I am sure Miele customer service will tell you how much to use.

Hope this helps!

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