Dumb to buy Bertazzoni induction?

shannonazSeptember 3, 2012

I am struggling with which induction cooktop to buy. For the last 6 years I have had a 30" Kenmore induction with the largest hob in the lower right and all the controls along the bottom. I want to move up to the 36" I use large pots; my All-Clad 6 quart saute gets a lot of use. My Kenmore has never need a repair and has met my needs well. I do not enjoy the touch controls. They aren't as intuitive and responsive as knobs. I am not sure if the newer touch controls are better. I am short and I all the 36" induction cooktops seem to have the large hob in the back. Many have you reaching over the controls to use the pot. I want the pot closer to me!

The current contenders are:

Thermadore silver finish (counters will be white and DH loves it)

Miele: I like the lack of trim and hob layout is okay

Bertazzoni with the knobs!! I not only like the fact that it uses knobs but that those knobs are in a row across the bottom making a pan centered on the large center hob closer to me.

People other than DH and I routinely cook in our kitchen (both our mother's and babysitters) and knobs seem more intuitive...

AJ Madison sells the Bertazzoni. My appliance dealer had a Bertazzoni wall oven on display so it appears that they carry the brand. We live in a huge metro area so getting service is likely as good as it could be. My induction cooktop is the only appliance I have that hasn't needed service...

Would I be nuts to just go with the Bertazzoni? I tend to be decisive but I obviously have misgivings about the Bertazzoni :)

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The Bertazzoni is gorgeous. You would not be nuts to go with that one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bertazzoni Induction Cooktop w/Knobs

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I do not own a Bertazzoni induction cooktop, but a six burner gas Bertazzoni cooktop and I can vouch for the quality of the product--a very solid built appliance, powerful burners and the knobs are wonderful -- very precise and heavy duty. The knobs on the induction cooktop look to be very similar to the ones I have. Good luck with your purchase!

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I don't think you are dumb at all. I was enthralled by the Viking induction because of the knobs (no Berta when I was shopping). I couldn't imagine touch controls on a cooktop, and didn't want to face a long learning curve with something less intuitive than knobs. The thing was that Viking is not the most reliable name on the block, and I couldn't imagine paying that much for something that I wasn't sure of. And...I kind of liked some of the things that the touch control models had that the knob model didn't. Like the ability to set a turn off timer for each burner (pressure cooking, rice), the ability to get a power boost (boiling water, quick warm up of soup), and the ability to program it to "heat this cold pot of stuff up to level 6 and then hold it there", and some other features that I've never even bothered to use. The touch controls did take some getting used to, but I really love my Miele and the features it has. No regrets. My husband loved it from day one, and I have teenagers in the house that learned how to use it faster than I did. Nobody else comes over that needs to cook, so it's all good. And yes, the Miele is a dream to clean up, there's NO place for crud to collect.

That said, if the extra features on the touch control models don't have any appeal for you, and you really don't think you'd ever be happy with touch controls, then by all means get the knobs. That Berta is gorgeous! The most important thing is that it works the way you want it to. Go with what will make you happy, after all, it's YOUR kitchen :-)


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