what happened? Downloads off 'You Tube' are garbled

happytomato2008June 11, 2012

I thought my computer broke down, but I listen to a talk show streaming on the internet and it was OK. So, I wanted to download a program off You Tube and it is garbled.

Voices are hard to hear, scratchey. Anyone have an idea on this one? Or is this another Spam? Or?? Jud

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Did you try several different things from You Tube, and were they all this way? Or was it just one program?

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Grandms, it is 'You Tube' videos( googled) and video downloads off Gerald Celente's blog "Trends and Forecast".. which downloads from different news programs/interviews, etc.

I listen to radio stations on line and I don't have this problem.
I have a older Laptop. Leveno's/IBM T41 which I have never had any problems with. This Senior Citizen is puzzled.
Thanks for any help you may have. Jud

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I really don't have an answer, but if your radio stations are working okay, I doubt that the problem lies with your computer unless some setting could be causing this. My experience with You Tube is mostly from links that other people send me, so my experience there is limited. Hope someone else has a suggestion for you.

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