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roseluverJune 3, 2011

I download Winwar yesterday and somehow something else was downloaded that I can't get rid of.

It is called Bing..

When I try to do a search it has MP3 tube on it.

When I close my computer and open it again there are videos

playing.... How can I get rid of it?? I have tried going to programs but it is not listed there.

I have tried clicking on the bar to delete it but can't.

Many thanks,


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When you downloaded Winwar, there was probably a box to uncheck if you didn't want to install Bing -- a Microsoft search engine -- and now you have it on your computer, perhaps as the default search engine. Go into your Control Panel and see if Bing is listed under the Add/Remove programs option, or go to Start and see if a Bing folder is listed and if there is an uninstall option in that folder. Then report back...

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

where did you download it from? did you get the 32bit or 64bit version and this is the trial version that you have to pay for right? is this the one you got?
WinRAR (32-bit) -

try some of these to get rid of bing
How To Uninstall Bing

Windows 7 - How to remove Bing toolbar?

I do not know if this is on firefox or IE (which version of those) or which version of windows let us know and we can probably get more specific on directions

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I checked in programs, it was there and I uninstalled it and restarted my computer. It is no longer listed as a program but is still as a default search engine.

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It is very easy to change your default search engine. In Firefox, click on the tiny arrow just to the left of where you see Bing, and a drop down list of search engines should appear. Click the one you want, and that's it. In IE the little arrow is located to the right of the search symbol. Again, click and you get your choices.

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These suggestions should take care of your concern. Fortunately this time it was easy to resolve. It is regularly promoted here that a user take their time when downloading and installing software. Read all the presented criteria in each window. Read the EULA. Be sure. When in doubt...don't. To race through clicking on next and finish without caution is an invitation to mishaps.

Glad things will be working out.


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