Tile with hardwood? Need some stylin' help.

MizLizzieOctober 26, 2013

After a major kitchen remodel, I am still struggling to give my small powder room a little dress-up. It is just off both the kitchen and the formal dining room. It has white fixtures, white plantation shutters, butterscotch paint (BM Safari) and medium oak hardwood. House is uber-traditional.

The sink and toilet wall is just 58" so my dream of a real vanity is not ideal. The adjacent wall with window is just 65". I think I will just replace my cheap contractor pedestal sink and loo with Kohler Memoirs.
My kitchen backsplash is Grazia Rixi dore -- the butterscotch yellow tile. For a little continuity, I thought I might tile the walls up 42" using the dore and the mandorla (white) in a pattern similar to this picture.

Would it look weird to tile that room? It would be purely for appearances. And if I can't decide now, and go ahead install the new toilet and sink, can they later be tiled around? Or would they need to be pulled out?


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I would tile before the fixture installations. I think the pattern is pretty and would be beautiful.

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Sophie Wheeler

Tile is a good way to give a small area some personality. However, I think you might be missing a chance to go a bit bolder, like your inspiration. Use the yellow on top, and use a darker tone on the lower. Like the chocolate brown. Don't do just one wall. Do them all.

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Even more beautiful Hollysprings!

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Yes, I agree with Hollysprings--powder rooms are your big chance to go BOLD!

If you get sticker shock after a tile bid, some punchy wallpaper is a good way to liven up a plain pedestal sink room:

Traditional Powder Room

Traditional Powder Room by Nantucket Design-Build Firms Shelter 7

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Niche Interiors

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That is a lovely blue wallpaper, shanghai mom. Just gorgeous. Won't work in this room, but I would love to use it somewhere . . . Love that mirror, too. Any idea of mfg?

If I go the tile route, I will be alternating the 5x5 yellow and white Rixi in either a checkerboard or perhaps even a harlequin pattern. I will be topping it like the green and yellow photograph, with the festone piece in yellow, and the chair rail piece in white. (Or perhaps substituting for the chair rail a row of 2.5x5 in white with a white pencil edge atop it to save $$.) These are the colors I need to coordinate the room with the kitchen and the dining room.

I'll be doing 3 of the walls. The fourth wall, which the door opens against, I hope eventually to cover with very shallow cabinetry.

Sounds like consensus is tile with hardwood is not a no-go, so that's reassuring.

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