Review my ventilation situation please?

sea_kozAugust 25, 2012

Hi Folks,

I'm looking at buying either a 36" CC or BS, in both cases with a grill.

I'm planning on mounting it in an island and putting a 42" ModernAire hood over it with a 1400 CFM exterior blower. I know a lot of people don't like having an island range, but we really want it that way.

My question: Is this enough ventilation for this combination?

My architect wants to pair this with a pair of 8" return air ducts that will connect to my HVAC system.



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I'm not against island cooking at all, if it's planned out properly. Although the CFM sounds adequate, I would want a wider and deeper capture area with an island grill. Without the grill, I think what you are planning would be fine. What size exhaust duct are you planning for that 1400 CFM?

And what type of safety clearances around the range are you planning? Are you planning on prepping next to it, or elsewhere?

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Great questions GD! The exhaust duct is 10" and is going to go straight up to the roof. It's going to be a 42"x27" island hood.

The island is large enough to prep on as well and will _not_ have seating on the back side of the range.

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1400 cfm nominal should be adequate, I would think. (Actual flow will be lower.) Duct is appropriate. Bigger aperture is always better, so long as the cfm scale appropriately. 1400 should be adequate even for a hood like the largest Wolf Island Pro, which is 26 x 61 inches INTERIOR aperture. I use a nominal 1500 cfm fan with mine.

Of greater concern would be how the MUA is supplied via the HVAC system. Almost any restriction will require that some fan boost be included to keep the house pressure from becoming too negative (if you have any combustion appliances such as a gas water heater). See various MUA threads on this subject. If you do have combustion appliances, be sure that your architect understands that the limit for many is -0.03 inches of w.c. unless they are isolated from the air paths to the kitchen.


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I would suggest 10" round for your makeup air ducting. Some inspectors are very keen on what goes out must come back in, so for the 1400 cfm blower you will be using a 10", consequently you should consider 10" round duct coming back in via your return air duct and also initiating the air circulation fan at the sometime.

As for the ModenrAire hood you could consider 30" or even 33" depth as opposed to the standard 27". We have a grill on our island in the cooking school above a BS 60" with 6 burners and a 24" Grill, outer dims of the hood are 66" Wide x 34" Depth. The TRUE depth of the capture area is 26", the hood is mounted 38" off the counter top, a little high for my liking but needed for our purposes. Even with such dims we still miss some smoke and grease.

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Trevor: Two 8-inch ducts have a larger sectional area than one 10-inch duct, but they have slightly larger frictional losses. Without evaluating duct length, bends, and transitions in the system, we cannot know if the overall loss is worse or better than a 10-inch duct. However, given some house leakage, it is unlikely that the difference in performance between them will matter to overall MUA performance when there may be a HVAC system in series.


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kaseki... I miss read the OP, i just saw remote blower and 8" MUA

May mistake

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Kas, Trevor:

I hate it when you two fight.

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No fight here... kas has a better grasp of the English Language than myself, written or

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Living a long time and paying attention can make up for C's in English, and even for being an engineer. :)


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