KitchenAid double oven problems. Help!

bblejwasAugust 8, 2013

Hi, I've been lurking for the past almost year as I've renovated my entire house. I've gotten a lot of great ideas, so thanks! Now I'm hoping someone will be able to help me deal with KitchenAid. I have the double wall electric & convection ovens. I was waffling between kitchen aid and Electrolux & now wish I went with Electrolux. :(

Long story short, neither upper nor lower oven worked out of the box. KA sent someone out who said that both upper & lower were assembled incorrectly. He fixed them, even though at this point, why would I want something that came out of the box broken? Since then (beginning of June) I've been using them & have had a feeling that something hasn't been working right. The temp seems to fluctuate & not hold, but haven't been able to "catch it in the act." Today the upper oven wouldn't heat, the lower worked for 20 min before giving an error message.

I called KA & made a big stink, but what do they care? They don't. They're sending out another repair guy. But bottom line is I don't want this broken thing. It came broken & still doesn't work. I have a big family & entertain frequently & can't "hope" the ovens will work. It tells time great, but I didn't want a $2500 clock! Any idea what I can do? Threaten legal action? Try to get the local appliance store to get me a refund or replacement? I'm so, so annoyed. I can't thing of any other purchase that would come out of the box broken that the company wouldn't refund or replace. Makes me sick.

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Contact the sales person that sold it to you. Ask them to help you. If you put it on a credit card you may be able to dispute the charge because you did not get a working oven. This option is very time sensative though. You might only have 60 days after the charge is posted or the bill sent to dispute the charge. You can always let it go through if they make it right. They want you to work through service but this is your only true leverage and you gave your money to the appliance company. They have a responsibility here.

I have been the queen of appliances that don't work!!! We remodeled 5 years ago and my oven slot has had 5 ovens in two brands+major repairs(Dacor and Elux) Elux just had liner replaced under extended warranty. My range slot has had 2 different brands(Dacor and Wolf)+ major repairs, soon to go to a third brand. My first dishwasher came in pieces. My MW came squashed. The doors on my KA frig are uneven and after 2 attempts to repair and destroying a door in the process, they determined it can't be fixed because it is manufactured wrong. It does work though.

Document everything you do, who you talk to etc.

Don't let anything go. I was to the point of getting an attorney on my first range and oven but the dealer put pressure on them and they bought them back. This was during the warranty period. On the bright side, I did find a company I like for service. Unfortunately they aren't authorized to fix my current range.
Yes it makes you sick.

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Agree with wekick, try those things first.

If no resolution, send email or letter to president of KA or whatever comes up when you search for officers for KA. If not the president, perhaps a VP of Customer Service. Irate mail to bigwigs seems to get action like nothing else.

You have my sympathy. How frustrating. You have a right to be angry.

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wekick - that's sounds terrible! What bad luck or maybe just goes to show how things are made and how (little) companies care anymore. I am going to look into disputing the charges, but I may be out of luck since we purchased them in April, but didn't move into the house until the very end of May.

I had KA's service guy out today who said that in order for KA to classify it as a lemon it has to have the same problem 3 times in one year. Of course, they are not the same problem, although one may be. He also said that there was a "bulletin" out about one of the issues, meaning that KA was aware of the issue. He said they won't recall unmless it's a safety issue, so I guess they just wait for the oven to konk out then take their sweet time fixing it. He had to order the correct parts so oven will be out of service for over a week.

I also went in person to the appliance store...they didnt seem to care much either, but at least had to look like they cared since I was sitting right in front of them. I was putting pressure on them to put pressure on their KA rep to do something, so they are sending out their service manager to take a look, and document. Then I think I'll just keep going in there since I'm local, and they hopefully can't ignore me forever!

Ginny20, I am going to try complaining to the big wigs, it can't hurt!

One last thing to add, after the ovens were serviced the 1st time, out of the box, having NEVER worked, KA had the NERVE to send me a form letter stating, "How thankful you must be..." that the ovens were under warranty and that I should take this opportunity to extend my warranty. Give me a break! I would be thankful if the hunk of junk worked like it's supposed to! I saved that letter and will probably send a copy of it with me letter to reference how terrible their customer "NON service" is.

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Someone recently had an ongoing issue (sorry I forgot details) which was quickly resolved after they posted about it on Facebook. Other avenues to consider include BBB, any local or State consumer protection offices, and the State Attorney General's office. "How thankful you must be..." - wow!

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