Bosch dishwasher

frozmomAugust 11, 2013

My 6 year old Bosch dishwasher runs on the regular cycle for 4 hours. The booklet says it should only take 2 hours what could be the problem

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The water entering the machine may not be sufficiently hot and the machines takes longer to heat the water to the proper temperature. Try turning up you water heater. Is this a recent problem or has it always worked that way?

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This has just started in the past week. I have tried running hot water in the sink first, but that doesn't help It runs for 4 hours

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I know my 1 year old Miele has a cycle that can extend the times of some of the programs. Does your have that? If so did you maybe turn it on my accident? Mine seems to almost double most of my cycle times.


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I had a similar problem with my KA a few months ago - KA has a heating element in the bottom which heats the water and is used for heated dry - I realized there was a problem not just from the longer time but also from the fact that the sanitized light was flashing at the end of the cycle indicating a problem. In my case, the heating element had cracked through and needed to be replaced.

I know Bosch doesn't have heated dry but it does have some way of heating the water. Sounds like something may have gone wrong with the heater. Most likely you're going to need a service call to fix the problem - you'll need to decide whether it's worth the cost of the repair vs. replacing the DW. In my case, the repair was worth it.

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Thanks for the help I have a service call in for Friday. I'll post the results

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Our ten year old Bosch started doing this. At first, it just ran a really long time. Then, it would seem to start the cycle over again. You'd look and it would be at 10 minutes, then half an hour later it was still going and the time was 176. We had an appliance person come and say that basically it needed a new processor for about $300. We're trying not to spend too much money right now, so what we have been doing is starting the regular cycle. Setting a separate timer for the same time. When the timer goes off, we cancel the current cycle on the washer, drain it and run the 9 minute rinse & hold. So far, so good.

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