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msl511October 6, 2010 seems to be the only place that has some trim tile I'm looking for, but I'm a little put off by their website, which shows prices, but urges you to call for a better price. Not better prices for large orders, which I understand, just something that seems designed to get you on the phone.

I'll call, just to see what they have to say, but was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them.

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Hello Marcia, My name is Paul from ppltile.

Thank you for your interest in one of our products. One of the beautiful things about ceramic tile is the flexibility you have with design options, especially though the use of trim work. Because of the technical and flexible nature of the product we like to talk to our customers by phone, allowing us to better assist them in achieving the design they are looking for as well as detailing any specific installation and shipping requirements.

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and make sure to make your experience a pleasant one.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your call.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceramic Tile

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Marcia - any comments on your experience? I am in exactly the same situation as you were. Some of the tiles I want seems to be available only on that site. Would love to hear about yours.

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I figured I would reply to this thread as it came up second with Google searching for reviews on I just placed an order with my credit card for 1100 sq feet of tile for a total of $6,500. So it is a huge chunk of my renovation budget. I spoke with Roman there and he was polite. They said the tile I wanted is in stock and I should expect in in 2 and a half to 3 weeks. I will definitely follow up with my experience. But I hope it will be a positive one.

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Something smells like spam

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I hope you have better luck than we did. We ordered floor tile and two different shower tiles on 12/9/12, paid in full, to be delivered in 2-3 weeks. We ordered from them because they could provide the tile sooner than the local supplier. The first shipment via rail was supposedly broken and refused by the local trucking company (with no notice to us until it had been returned). The shower tile eventually arrived. Their stories about the floor tile have been creative (broken in transit, accidentally shipped the wrong size, etc.), but it's now been eight weeks, no floor tile has arrived, and my project is delayed, with all of the associated delay costs. Not getting it done plus all the reasons why doesn't equal getting it done. I don't know, but I don't think they ever had the floor tile we wanted. Frustrating.

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We had horrible luck with them. Waited 3 months for our floor tile to come in, and when it did, they shipped it to the wrong place, and then, then we find out it was damaged in shipment. They had to RE-ORDER, and so I didn't have 3 months again to wait, went with the polished in stock version of the matte tile I had wanted. When it arrived (finally) it was 24x24 instead of 12x24. My money was returned---so they are legit, but just totally unorganized and have horrible communication. I thankfully found my tile last minute somewhere else by a fluke, but if I hadn't been lucky they would have left me high and dry and tile-less. :(

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We also dealt with Roman.... Very sweet man but the disorganization miscommunication between vender, shipping, etc. was undeniable and in the end left us without the tile we had ordered 3 months prior.

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Same story - Tile ordered more than 3 months ago from delayed by rail (Texas) and, upon arrival in Oregon, refused by local delivery firm. One week after promised refund...still nothing. Repeated phone calls to Roman, lots of promises, and in the end broken tile, missing pallets, and no refund yet ($7500). Not sure where to turn next...Federal Trade Commission? I hate to say it, but I appear to be one more sucker...

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We ordered over $11,000 in tile in April 2013, for a construction job. All we have received in exchange is the same creative excuses and unreturned phone calls. Now June 11, still no answers. Now back to the drawing board, and refuting charges on our credit card.

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Do not use this company under any circumstances!

I had a terrible experience with them.

They are not a 'real' tile company with a showroom or anything. It's just a guy (Roman Klebanov) with a website.

Nothing you order will ship from 'PPL Tile'. This guy will just take your money and then purchase the tile from another 'real' tile company and have it sent from them to you.

Over half the tile I ordered arrived damaged, and when I called to inform him of this, he got loud with me and said it wasn't his problem and hung up.

Now I was stuck with not even really knowing who the heck actually sent me the tile, and I didn't know how to get my money refunded.

I ended up calling the trucking company that delivered it, and they refunded me half the money for the value of the broken tile (they called it something like a 'Concealed Damage Compromise). It was not worth my time to try to take Roman to small claims court, and I don't even know if I could, because technically the tile was shipped from some other company. I don't even know in what state his 'company' is actually supposedly located.

I then contacted the actual manufacturer of the tile in Spain, and they gave me the name of a 'real' tile distributor (that was luckily in my area) that was an 'official' distributor for them. I was able to buy the rest of the tile I needed from this company.

So please, avoid PPL Tile, and all the other PPL Stores (PPL Vanities, PPL Lingerie, PPL Furniture, PPL Fishing). They are all owned by this Roman Klebanov character.

In general, I don't think it's ever a good idea to order a large amount of tile and have it delivered. It's best to buy from an actual tile showroom, where you can see the tile in person, and if you decide to buy, you can open and inspect every box before you take it home.

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I was very tempted to order from them until I read this thread. To all of you who were disappointed by this vendor, there is a website called resellerratings where people rate various online retailers. I'd started my search to find out about the company there, but the company has no ratings. Go rate this company there because many potential online buyers first check out that website; you will be able to warn them away.

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I have ordered a load of tiles from on multiple occasions. I have always been a fan of their service and the quality. The delivery is always fast and the replacement of ones damaged during the transit is hassle free. All in all a very pleasant online dealer to deal with.

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Hi Roman... wait I mean Jankaherzlinger.

Just to let you all know, a random person just posted a positive review for PPL Tile here on Gardenweb, on, AND on, and all on the same day.

Ole Roman must have done a Google search for his website and saw all the negative reviews haha.

I forgot to post my negative review on, but I'm going to do it now. I hope the rest of you do too.

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I will say this for PPL Tile... as back in January I ordered my Sant Dagostino tile. I dealt like the rest of you with Roman. We did have an issue where some of the tile was apparently damaged in transit. So the tile had to be resent from another location and they had to make sure the color lots matched. I received it a week after the initially quoted time frame. So for me that was not horrible as my whole house gut job became a bigger issue due to some of the contractors. So the reason I have not followed up (even though I said I would) is the tile is still sitting in my garage unopened. It is scheduled to be installed by Brian at Ceramictec around September 5th. Hopefully when I open it all, it is all fine. But I was surprised that Brian said he has dealt with Roman before and his experiences were positive. So hopefully mine will be too. I will post some pictures when the tile I ordered is installed and we will go from there. If it is a bad lot, trust me, you will see that posted. But if it is good(and I hope it is) I will be be smiling as I post it as I got the tile for about 40% less than I could have at a local dealer.

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I have had many of my rentals and personal homes re-floored by the products ordered from I would highly recommend them and have referred them to my clients and they all have been very satisfied with their service and prices. They are fast and professional. Their prices are competitive.

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Ok, I know it has been a long time since I first posted, but I can now offer a fair review of PPLTile. As mentioned above, there was s light delay in receiving the tile(about a week or two as I forget exactly how long) due to some damage apparently in transit. Nonetheless, I did receive it. The tile guy has been here for three weeks as I am doing a lot of tile work. The planks I got from PPLTile were all in good condition and I am very happy. For anyone who is looking for someone to lay their plank tile floor, I would recommend Brian at Ceramictec if you are in the Tampa area. He is taking his time to do the job right and it worth the extra money over some of the lower quotes I got for a job which I am sure would be no where near the quality of what he has done. So there actually are two reviews in one. I have attached a picture of some of the progress. There are also some more at the Ceramictec facebook page from my house.


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