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don_1_2006June 2, 2011

Does anyone know what is happening with new posters bringing up old posts? One I know was started in 2005 and they are posting to it like it was three days old. That and the limit of 150 posts seems gone. One at Home Repairs is now at 186 posts. They post using e-mail addresses. They can post but I can't reply. Is strange.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

most of the ones I have seen that have been dug up from long past were done so by some one spreading spam with links to their sites or in some cases dangerous sites.

You could submit those questions to the powers that be using the contact us option at the bottom of the pages.

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If you mean the thread linked below then it is as RC notes, pure Spam. These folks get a good commission if they can encourage folks to download from their site, thus the incentive to scour the net via Google for these types of threads.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old post resurrected

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Yes spam is an issue, but there are perfectly understandable reasons as well. Almost everyone got to Gardenweb the first time via google or yahoo and some of us didn't notice that the link we brought up was ancient. In addition, especially in home advise and in my case toolshed (engine repair), some of those threads continue for years with useful information.

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Spam really isn't what I am referring to. In the Home Repair forum there is a category about Craftsman garage door openers with 186 posts. No one has replied to the last 36 posters because you can't but they are somehow able to just keep going. I would think at some point they would catch on.

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while i have sympathy for new folks searching for answers, if its from a previous year I ignore it.

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