Can someone explain "the true induction experience?"

MizLizzieAugust 30, 2012

We are remodeling and moving to an induction cooktop, probably a 30". Our local specialty appliance dealer recommends Meile, though he sells Thermador, Wolf and Bertazzoni as well. He says that only these upscale induction cooktops will provide a true induction experience.

I frankly prefer the looks of the frameless GE 30" or perhaps the Bosch. And why buy a Ferrari when all you need is a Ford? I have had good luck with Bosch appliances. And having often used induction when traveling in the EU, all brands seemed to work the same to me.

So what, exactly, is "the true induction experience?" A figment of his imagination? Or is there something I don't know? I'll gladly fork out for the Meile if there's good reason.

Many thanks. This is a great forum.

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Overall, different induction units are more similar to each other than they are different. There are differences in power, and perhaps the clearance requirement below the cooktop will be important to you; stuff like that. Online, the Induction Site is a good place to look for more specific information about various induction cooktops.

Different models offer some different options, such as timers that turn off the hob when time is up, that can be useful for cooking, say, rice. How useful these various features are will depend on what you like to cook and eat.

Might help the most to try out some of these induction cooktops at various appliance stores (or friends' kitchens). Differences in the controls, and how responsive they feel, don't make much sense until you have experience with them.

As for what this guy thinks "the true induction experience" is, you may need to ask him.

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Maybe the "true induction experience" is the sales person's month-end totals (or commission)?

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I think, Cavimum, you may have nailed this complicated technical definition. Chac, thanks for the referral to the induction site. That will be my morning surf.

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What a load of nonsense! Why is Miele more "true" than Bosch? I would have laughed out loud at such pretentiousness.

If you search for "induction" on this forum, you'll find lots of threads with all kinds of opinions on different brands.


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Basically, it's features like individual timers, boost, power sharing and the number of power levels (9 vs 17 vs 100 or whatever) that you would chose between.

I look for timers. They are important to me but certainly not to others. Powersharing doesn't bother me one bit, but to others it is a make/break kinda thing. I also look for the greatest number of power levels. The more the merrier. I also like having a slider for setting the level. It is quicker than up/down arrows.

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Your instincts are good. Pretentious nonsense, indeed.

Another difference that actually means something to the user is the hob configuration and layout. Also, noisiness vs. silence is a valid consideration. My KA clicks faintly at lower temps as the magnets cycle on and off. I'm used to it now, but it's better to be forewarned.

If the man does tell you what the "true induction experience" is, please let us know. Those of us with untrue induction want to know what we're missing ;-)

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Ginny20, I'd ask but I kinda think my relationship with him is over.

Now heading to the induction site to help chose between my untrue options. Thanks, all.

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Getting inducted is what happens when they get you so deep in, that you deserve an award. It can happen to anyone anywhere. The salesguy was hoping to get you in so deep you would be inducted into his universe. That's his true induction experience.

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