HELP! Hood / Blower Problems at Install

motherof3sonsAugust 1, 2012

We purchased a 36" Independent hood that required a 1200 CFM blower per the online specs. Our builder states he can not install the hood/blower because the instruction sheet states it should be a 1000 CFM blower and it has a Moxel connection. Before I purchase another blower can this be salvaged? Is there an adapter for the different connections? The Wolf blower has a 3 prong plug.

I live in a very rural area and this type of ventilation is a first for the builder. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Too little information for remote electrical engineering, however sufficient information might be difficult for you to obtain from inspection.

Does this hood have a three position switch for fan speed, or is it continuous from full power to low?

Was the connector possibly a MOLEX connector?

Is the fan intended for in-hood installation or roof installation?

I recommend that you contact Wolf and Independent on this problem. At a minimum Independent should be able to define what type of fan circuit is required to work with the hood and Wolf should be able to define what the fan is intended to use.

My Wolf hood (made by Independent) has a variable control that is wired to the Wolf (made by Broan) roof blower. No special connectors were used beyond normal electrical connectors electricians would be familiar with.


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contact dennis at signature marketing he can handle all of your independent blower needs 800-358-8886 ask for technical support

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Thanks to both of you! The Independent hood does have 3 speeds and a Molex connection. The Wolf fan is for inhood installation. The company website we purchased the hood from continues to state it requires a 1200 CFM inhood fan, however, the instructions state 1000 CFM.

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Since neither fan will actually move that much air once installed, the particular cfm ratings are not the issue here. One issue is how (or whether) to wire the fan up to the existing hood control. A second issue is whether the Wolf fan mounting scheme is compatible with the hood.

Normally, mix and match hood-fan configurations are more compatible when the fan is mounted externally of the hood. Internal mounting would normally call for a particular fan intended for that purpose. This leads to the question of why a hood intended to use an internal fan was not sold with the compatible fan.


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Thank you Guadalupe! Dennis is wonderful and I am on the right track.

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