need real player video download help

loraleeJune 15, 2012

I have been using Real Player to down load videos. As soon as the video starts at the top right hand corner of the screen the words come up to download video now. These are short crafting videos that I download.

As of today this option no longer comes up on the screen and the same has occurred with my windows vista on my laptop which I also use firefox.

I can't download videos with my dial up so much download them in town on my lap top then watch them at home.

I have Windows XP and the free version of realplayer

I use firefox for my browser.

My friend uses AOL and has never been able to get this feature to work for her.

Thanks for your input.

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Can't recommend any in particular, but have a look at this page...many from official Real Player site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Downloaders

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Thanks for the link to other downloaders. I will check into something else if I can't get this one to work.

I guess I did not make my posting very clear.

I am asking if anyone has any suggestions as to what I might check on my computer to see if perhaps a box in the tools or someplace else has been changed.

I really liked using the Real player as I only had to click on the icon and the video was downloaded it was very simple to use.

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If this has just started and on 2 computers it is unlikely to be any error with your computers.

Have you checked the file where the downloads get stored to see if they are coming in but the small box notifying you fails to appear?

Assuming your downloaded files are in the Documents/Download file....
Right click Start, click Explore in the pop up
Click the small plus sign beside Documents (My Documents?) on the left side
Now look underneath Documents for Downloads
Click on this to highlight and look on the right side to see if the latest downloads are listed.

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These videos from You tube or anyplace else as far as I know do not download automatically. Only if you click on something do they down load. There for since there is nothing for me to click on to download it does not download.

I tried to call support but since it is a free software they could not help me.

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