HTTPS Firefox - a good extension for getting on public wifi?

lynnalexandraJune 14, 2011

Has anyone heard of the firefox extension https firefox? Here's a link:

My daughter will be in Vietnam - and using her laptop with the hotel wifi (which is probably not secure - I'm reading on travel forums that much of Vietnam wifi is not secure - or only WEP). She goes online for gmail, facebook and youtube. Any thoughts about whether this extension will provide some safety? Or is there another recommendation?

Unfortunately, I won't be there. She's going with my husband - and neither of them know anything about running antispyware, antivirus, etc - although my daughter does know to use WOT.



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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

it is ok but not all sites offer https options. I use it on on some of mine, it is one more option to try to be secure online. I always try adding the s on sites I go to and quite often it will then pop up as encrypted so remembering to give that a try each time you go an address can help.
Many of the email clients now offer an https only option but you do have to go into the settings and choose that option.

The safest thing would be for her to only use a linux live cd or linux on a flash drive to do any online activity when on possible sketchy connections. That would not help however if any of the places have something like keylogger programs in line somewhere. With a live cd or linux live on thumb drive she would boot from that and do her online stuff nothing would be saved to her hard drive so could not infect her pc.

another option you may want to look at is the KNOS project, developed by Kevin and Nancy McAleavey a couple I am acquainted with through the support forums we are all on.
It would be a good idea for those that travel to use something like KNOS.
What is KNOS?

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