Novice cook - Appliances HELP!

Redsgal14August 13, 2012

I'm quite the novice cook, so I don't need anything fancy. But, we are building a custom home and are choosing our appliances and I want it to be beautiful (with the hopes that my cooking skills will improve along the way). We have a stone surround that will go around the range/rangetop. I was originally planning to go with a 36" range (Kitchenaid or NXR) but I currently have double wall ovens and am worried I will miss them (I love them). So, now I'm thinking about a 36" rangetop with double wall ovens. Do you think the rangetop will look ok with a stone surround (or do we need the impact of a range)?

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There are threads that discuss the merits of wall ovens vs. ranges, and it's up to each person to decide what s/he likes best. But if you know you love your double wall ovens, you should get them. I think it's important to choose function first, then design the beauty around it. I prefer wall ovens, so I chose a double wall oven and an induction cooktop. Many people choose wall ovens and gas range tops. I think it will look fine. If you put drawers underneath the cooktop, it's very convenient for your pots and pans. With induction, I can also have a drawer full of implements and knives right underneath. Maybe you can do this with gas, too(I don't know about gas, sorry).

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I have to agree on an induction cooktop. Many top ranked chefs now have induction kitchens Your design choices or wide, but the ventilation requirements are significantly less than gas.

Although, prior to opening Dinner, Palmer-Watts's experience of induction was limited to portable single hobs at the Fat Duck, it was the power source chosen for the suite. "I chose induction for its control and efficiency," he says. "It's not bellowing out heat and is more precise and so easy to keep clean."

Here is a link that might be useful: London Restaurant Kitchen

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Some get a 36" gas range and a single wall oven. I think it would be the ideal set up for me. But it takes a lot of space and $$.

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