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deewJune 27, 2011

New computer. Dell XPS 8300 with Win 7. I have no sound on it whatsoever. In the Control Panel under Sound/Playback it has: ATT High Definition Audio Devise Not plugged In. I've plugged in every cable that came with the computer. Am I possibly missing one, or am I missing some setting I'm not aware of?


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Are the speakers plugged in? Sounds silly, I know, but sometimes it's the simplest things that get us. Next, check your sound card, inside case. Good luck. Might try speakers on another system, see if they work. Also, check audio levels, look for checkbox, see if system is muted.

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The speakers are plugged in (they worked fine in my old computer), and according to Control Panel/Sound/Playback, the Sound Blaster card is ok and ready to go. The sound icon on my Taskbar shows the speakers/sound card are not muted.


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And make sure they are plugged in the proper port. I've done it. Had my tower out of the computer stand for cleaning. Put it back and had no sound. Plugged the speakers in the mike jack. Duh!

Also, here's some suggestions I made in a recent post:

If you have a multimedia keyboard check the mute button. Also the volume buttons.

If you have volume controls on your monitor check them.

If you have a speaker icon in the System Tray (by the clock) check it.

If you have a mixer/audio manager icon in the System Tray check it.

On the Control Panel open the Sound Folder and check the settings.

On the Control Panel check to see if you have an audio manager folder, i.e. Realtek. Open it check the settings.

Open Windows Help and in the search bar enter "sound troubleshoot" sans quotes. Informational data will appear.


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On your Dell, in the back, you should have 6 round holes all together. 3 on top and 3 on bottom in the rows. Plug your speaker into the middle one on the bottom row, and see if all will now work for you. Good Luck

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

also make sure the actual speakers are turned on I know mine have a button or knob on them that must be turned on to work and the knob adjust sound levels, that push button can get accidentally hit and turn them off with out my knowledge.

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I got my sound working. My old Dell Dimension had a row of six colored jacks for audio along the bottom of the tower, and I had my speakers plugged in to the black one. This computer has the same array, so I naturally plugged the speakers into the black one. Wrong. I tried each one in turn until I got to the next to the last one, and there was my sound! :o)

Thanks everyone who offered their advice. I have another problem, but since it doesn't have anything to do with sound, I'll have to start a new thread. I'll do that tomorrow.


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