altoddAugust 18, 2012

We're looking for a 60" range and are really confused. We loved the blue star 60" with 24" raised griddle/broiler, but keep seeing unflattering reviews regarding customer service, repairers, etc. Are these posts well founded? Ive noticed that many of the negative posts are these problems still exist or has the company solved them? Anyone have alternative suggestions? We don't mind paying for a high quality product but don't want to buy a headache. Thanks in advance!

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If you want to know specifics reagarding service post the general area where you live. Someone may have first hand knowledge or direct you to the local service provider. You can talk to them and make your own conclusions.

In general it seems BS customer service and quality is on the upswing.They also had a high about 4 years ago only to hit another trough but it is back up again.They used to be the only open burner residential range on the market but now they have competition,so they have strong incentive not to fall back again.

Some people don't like Bluestar fit and finish others think it is fine. Some think the oven door gets too hot most owners think it is acceptable.

The only real competition in 60" is the Capital Culinarian. Vs the BS it does not have a dedicated simmer burner,Salmon broiler,french top, or french door option, and it has margianlly smaller ovens.

The Culinarian offers motorized rotisserie,self-clean,cool oven door,and easy glide racks.

Asking which is better usually starts a flame war as both have passionate fans.

BTW I own a 36 Capital Culinarian self-clean model.

Google bluestar culinarian gardenweb to get lots of info regarding these ranges and comparisons.

Check out link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Sophie Wheeler

The biggest thing to consider with any pro style range is the ventilation issues that it will bring to your plan. You will need at least a 54" 1200 CFM hood to match up, and in many locations of the country, that means makeup air with an ERV. Your venting needs can cost as much or more than the range. Is that a road you are prepared to go down?

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