Samsung FD Fridge Water Pooling Problem

congersAugust 12, 2011

I have a Samsung French Door fridge, RF2666AERS/XAA that has an annoying problem.

Water is pooling under the Cool Select Pantry Tray and requires pulling out the tray to empty by wiping down. Also the water can be completely frozen at times requiring it to melt with a warm sponge to empty out. I attached pictures of the problem.

I do not have a water supply line connected to the refrigerator. This occurs whether E.Saver function is ON or OFF. Also Power Cool or Power Freeze is not used. I keep the fridge at 36-summer and 38-winter and the freezer at 4 degrees.

You actually have to extend the tray out and look underneath with a flashlight to see it. Has anyone checked or have this similar problem? It happens in all seasons ... winter through summer.

I did email Samsung Support and they told me it's out of warranty by 6 months. All they would do for me is provide the name of an authorized Samsung service center. Picture provided below.ät=SamsungFridgeWaterPooling.jpg

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Are there any Samsung refrigerator owners out here?

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My Samsung counter-depth FD fridge has been running here for about a year now, model RFG238. I don't see anything like what Conger describes.

Also don't use the E Saver button, and seldom use Power Cool or Power Freeze. I've left the temperature settings at the default 38 and -2, all year.

Sorry; I've got no ideas about this problem.

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I have the same issue. I have not tried to do anything about it yet, because my house flooded just a few months after the refer was installed. We got it out before the flood, but just put it back in this week.

I probably have no warranty at this point either, as it has been several months of drying out and rebuilding.

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The water stain in congers' photo makes this look like a long-standing problem; perhaps it begins before warranty expires and is discovered later on. But when I looked in my RFG238 model, that area was dry and clean.

WhiteRiverSooner, can you say which Samsung model you have, and how old it is? I'm not clear if the water pooling is specific to congers' model (or its vintage), or if its a more general issue.

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I will try to look at it tomorrow. I am not in the same place that the refrigerator is located right now.

I bought the refrigerator new last summer. I know I do not have any stains like those shown, because I just cleaned it from head to toe this weekend. However, I did have water pooled under the cool select pantry, after being plugged in for just a few days, and I had noticed this before the flood.

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On the official Samsung Support site (Trouble Shooting Guide) they have this problem listed and am aware of it. It's listed below but with no explanation. Alot of help this is.

Problem: Water is Pooling Under My Vegetable Drawers

Answer: If water is pooling underneath your vegetable drawers, your refrigerator requires service.

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Yeah, that's not very clear. I'm sorry.

But I wonder if you can argue that this is a known issue. Since your photo of the water stain (above) seems to indicate that this initially began during the warranty, perhaps it can be covered under warranty. Is there a way for you to escalate the request for warranty service?

Failing that, I am curious what the underlying problem is here. Please let us know what happens, and what you find out.

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I have now developed the same issue! I am also about 6 months out of warranty. Has anyone been successful at fixing this, figuring out what the problem is??

Might this be a known issue that should allow us to get support out of warranty??

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We have this exact problem with our Samsung FD refrigerator #RFG297AARS. It's flooded and frozen repeatedly under the tray, currently every three days or so we have to take it out pull the ice out while it floods my floor in process. It has also leaked from the back through my floor, had service come out and replace compressor parts in back, copper line and front water/ice dispenser module in door. This has been the most disappointing expensive appliance. I will never purchase from this company again. We bought the most expensive top model available when purchased (less than 5 years, started having problems @ 2 years in) and now we're looking to dump and replace it with anything other than a Samsung. Repair and customer service is a joke, truly. We've been dealing with this for three years and it's now leaking and freezing so much that every three days we have to empty. It's an extreme source of stress, along with it spoiling our food because the temperature is never regulated due to the ice. Ice also forms all along the back inside center panel from about halfway and goes down to bottom under tray. Service can't get it right and the cost of putting more money into this lemon is not acceptable any more. I'm beyond exhausted with dealing with this company and just want a product that won't spoil my food or damage my floor. Think long before purchasing a Samsung refrigerator, then choose another.

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I have the exact same problem with my Samsung RF267AEBP. Manufactured in 2010 I've started having this problem after owning it for a year after I bought the house it came with. I had a repairman come out and he was stumped after 2 hours of looking it over. I read somewhere that the drain plug can get frozen and needs thawed out. I aim to try this as soon.

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Charity Silkebakken

I've had the exact same problem for a couple years now. I've been living with it, but the water has pooled high enough to leak out and do damage to the kitchen floor, so that's not good. I finally decided I had to do *something* when the upper ice maker started dripping inside the fridge, too. I have now established that this is a separate issue. So, first of all, this video helped me with clearing the drain plug:

I have an old Kenmore in the garage that had the same problem, so I had experience with exposing and clearing the iced-over drain plug, so this was not a foreign concept to me. This video is great because it shows exactly how to remove all the shelves and the panel, for this model, too.

I have not pursued the recommendation to replace the defrost sensor, but I suspect that would be a good idea to prevent it icing over again. I had the same problem that you did, with ice forming in the back and under the cool select pantry drawer.

The ice maker turned out to be very easy to remove -- there's a great YouTube video for that, too. It probably needs replacing because it had been making a funny sound. I found it completely iced up inside. After replacing it, I still had water leaking there, but have temporarily turned off the upper ice maker and that seems to have stopped the leaking. I will try replacing it and see if I still have the problem, but I suspect that will resolve it.

One more thing -- if you see dripping from the water dispenser, Samsung does recommend running some ridiculous amount of water (5 gallons I think) through there every time you replace the filter ($60 every 6 months for a new filter -- wtf Samsung?) Since we are experiencing drought in California and I hate to waste water, I didn't want to do it, but have since learned that if you DON'T do this, you can have air bubbles in the line which cause too much water pressure and contribute to the dripping. So, OK. I try to save what I collect through the drink dispenser for the washing machine, garden or aquarium.

Hope this helps!

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Google "samsung refrigerator lawsuit" . There is a class action suit filed against them. Your model may be listed. Mine was.

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