8X10 bathroom layout

ajplOctober 1, 2007

Hello, I'm new to this forum but have been around GW for a while. I've searched here and gotten a few ideas but would like some opinions please if anyone is interested on our new bathroom.

We are building a new house and the upstairs bathroom layout was never really planned. Currently the plans show a bathroom that our draft person added when I had nothign to give him.

I have several problems with it. It's boring ;) I don't like the idea of staring at the toilet when I walk by the door. I don't like that wall between the tub and sink breaking up the space. It's not planned for us.

There are some constraints. The house is post and beam. So no space between the floor and ceiling below for plumbing. The pink lines show where plumbing drains can go down into cabinet space and be hidden. Water coming in can run in any of the interior walls. DH prefers not to have plumbing running in the exterior wall. The window is unchangeable, the walls are pretty much not going to change. The door could be moved if it was helpful.

This would be a shared family bathroom. We have one 10 year old son. We have been sharing a bathroom since forever and that isn't a concern but does make a difference in how it's set up. He's not exactly careful!

We like the idea of a soaking tub or claw foot tub that works with our farmhouse plan. I'm not sure that we have room for a shower as well though. We do have a shower in the bathroom downstairs but don't expect to go to the mainfloor every time we want a shower. I don't think a clawfoot with shower curtain ring will work with a preteen that seems to flood the bathroom daily with a regular tub/shower combo.

We would also like a little storage for personal hygeine stuff, towels, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: our housebuilding blog

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How about this. The door is across from the window and the toilet is hidden. I think all the plumbing should work. You really don't have a full 8x10 so I took that into account. You do have room for a pretty large tub shower combo. The width of the tub is 33". Hopefully it's wider than what you have now and your son won't splash, LOL!

You might also be able to get creative with a clawfoot tub. Put slight slope in the floor under it with a drain. Any water splashing out can roll back into that second drain. The entire tub alcove can be tiled.

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I think that makes sense. I've been looking for layouts that speak to me but most photos don't give a great impression of the layout and you have to guess.

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