How often do you clean dishwasher's filter? Miele, Bosch, Asko

beckyg75August 10, 2010

Hi there,

Trying to pick a dishwasher. Read on this forum that USA dishwashers usually grind the food bits and European usually don't. I looked on for advice, and they said this:

FILTER: These keep wash water free of food that could be redeposited on clean dishes. There are two types: self-cleaning and manual. Most filters are self-cleaning; a grinder pulverizes the debris and flushes it down the drain. That's convenient but noisy. Some models have a filter without a grinder. It's quieter, but it needs periodic cleaning, a job that takes a few minutes. It's your choice.

Well, DUH, I know it is my choice, but what I want to know is how often do I have to do it?

I grew up with regular American KitchenAid or similar. Have never cleaned a dishwasher filter. Is it gross? Easy? Every day? week? once a month?

If it helps to know this, I do scrape dishes but don't like to rinse them off!


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I check my filter on my Miele, once a month. Its rare that anything is in there. It takes about one or two minutes of your time. I like to open up the basket on the filter and squeeze some dishwashing liquid on it and then run it under the hot water tap. Close the basket and insert the unit back into the dishwasher. You literally pop it in place and turn and that's it. Its truly no work or no hassle nor gross.
I also just scrape my dishes, you really shouldn't be rinsing them off. The enzymes in the detergent need some debris to work properly.
Before my Miele I owned 2 Maytags for a total of 30 years. They obviously had macerators that ground the food. I would never go back to a North American dishwasher, not ever.

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I clean the filter about once a year or when I notice the dishes aren't coming out as clean. I do scrape the plates before but I don't pre wash them. It seems I have more calcium deposits than food deposits on the filter when I clean it.

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About once a year average -- only if something smells funny (usually turns out to be milk left in the bottom of a glass or something -- once was something stuck in the disposal). I've never had much of anything in the filter, but it's there and can be checked.

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In the 3 months I've owned a Miele Diamante, I've checked the filter about every 2 weeks, but there's only been 1 time there was something in there (a small mushroom piece) and that is it. Now I'll probably wait and check it just once a month. It only takes about a minute of your time, so not really a big deal. I'd never go back to a GE dishwasher again!

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3 or 4 times a year, about. I wash it out and pull out the stems from flower arrangements or maybe a chunk of busted wine glass. The filters are non-issues.

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once a year - maybe.

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Like the others, only occasionally - maybe once every 6 months or so.

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Wow, thanks everyone - this is much more helpful to know.

I had really wanted a European dishwasher but couldn't find reliable information on how often to clean that sucker!

You guys have me convinced - now I just have to pick which brand and model...

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