Yahoo outgoing mail problem

SheilaJune 12, 2014

Ever since I did an update on my iPad my mail is not working properly.....grrr
I get a pop up saying has failed

Additional outgoing mail servers can be configured in Settings.

My question is where do I get the info for this additional mail server???

Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

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I found this while searching Yahoo help:

We do have both email-based and live customer support. You can contact our telephone-based live support at 1-800-318-0612.

You can contact our email-based support using the form at:

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Don't have an Ipad but if my mail program on my tablet messes up I usually delete the account and set it up again from scratch and that usually fixes it. Mary

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try the email and ph # first. Do delete and reset the acct as last resort. I don't want to lose my address book if I can avoid it.


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Don't you back up your address book? I do on my phone and tablet in case I ever have to reset my email. Mary

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Just googled to look for an app to do a backup, there are many. Is there one that you would recommend that is user friendly?

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I don't have an Ipad so have no clue. There are some nice forums on apple I am sure and people would know or maybe someone here with an Ipad has a suggestion. Even on the computer I back up my address book and my favorites as you just never know if something might happened and you would need to reload them. Mary

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