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eviempJune 23, 2013

You all helped me out with my last question and now I have another one. I use AOL as my home page and Comcast is my provider. I now have Windows7. When I click on the Internet Explorer icon at the bottom of the screen, AOL home page appears. I then went into "start" and clicked on Internet Explorer there and it still came up as AOL. I want to keep AOL as the home page, but also want to get into IE on occasion. I have a feeling I need t5o do something simple- or at least I hope so! Thanks

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My understanding is that as long as AOL is your home page, what you're describing will always happen. There is nothing magical about having AOL as your home either want it that way or you don't. The alternative is to remove AOL as your home page and either set something else or leave it blank. You could add AOL to your FAVORITE list and bring it up with a single click whenever you want to. You could also add a NEW TAB whenever you want, or open a new IE window. You have many choices...USE THEM.

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hmmm, with my last computer which was XP, I had AOL as the home page and, if I clicked on the IE icon, up came IE. But that's not happening with this one.

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I have my home page set to the FF start page. It is pretty plain and that is what I like. If I didn't have FF I would use for my home page. As a matter of fact that is my secondary HP, it comes up when I open a second window.

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PKponder TX

I take your response to mean that you are using the AOL browser?

Click the start button and type Internet Explorer in the search field. Look at the top of the search results and click on IE.

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