Deep Hoods: do you hit your head?

SeaKozAugust 27, 2012

Hi folks,

I'm trying to figure this out. I see people recommending 27 depth hoods. Don't you hit your head on that? That's 3" over the edge of the range.

Second, if I put this on an island, I assume I'd center the range hood over the range? Which means I'd have 1.5" of over hang on each side, I'd appreciate it if someone would explain to me how you avoid hitting your head so I can buy a 30" deep hood for my island :)

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Have you tried a search for previous threads on this topic? I'll link one below.

My CC rangetop sticks out a couple inches or so from the counter front. My hood is 24" deep, but if it were 27" it would be fine. Better actually, for HOGS containment as it would then cover the front burners completely. I'm 5'8" and have only hit my noggin once when I was pulling my head back after looking up into the hood without the baffles in. I'm not sure what the body mechanics are that keep me from doing it again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on height/head hitting

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My hood is 27" deep. I'm 6'1" and have never hit my head or even come close.

You bend over a bit when working at the range and, as a result, need a bit less head space.


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The head moves down when bending over. It's basic ergonomics. Also, if you are tall, you are more likely to hit your head on a hood mounted too high over a cooking surface than one mounted in the 30"-36" range because it moves up out of your field of vision.

I'm a klutz, but even so, hitting my head has never been a problem ever in any kitchen I've ever been in, no matter the depth of the hood.

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On an island or peninsula, the hood should ideally be centered over the areas of the pans that would be used on the burners. But for left-right visual symmetry, the hood should be centered on the range center.

Front-back alignment should attempt to catch as much rising and expanding effluent as possible. Depending on the location of the burner controls, the hood center may be centered on the range, or biased toward the rear.

Use of stick figure sketches drawn to scale with correct bending points will reveal any head-hood interaction. Hoods can be raised so long as they also grow in aperture size to compensate for the effluent expansion.


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Thank you all once again for your wisdom.

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